On 28 April 2017, the MGCI Eco Team hosted its annual Trashion Show in the cafeteria to raise awareness about recycling. The winner of the show was the “Caffeinated Queen.”

The show was held at lunch and was open to all students. The stage was decorated with a banner titled ‘Trashion Show,” which was created by the MGCI Eco Team, and backstage the models waited for their turn to catwalk on the stage to showcase their hard work. The room was full by the time the show began, and people cheered for all designs as they were revealed.

Before the show began, members of the Eco team gave a presentation regarding the negative environmental  impact of water bottles. They helped students realize that pollution and littering affects everyone. They also outlined some ways that students could help reduce the impact, focusing particularly on the school’s new water refill station.

As the presentation concluded, emcees were brought onstage to introduce the designs. Each piece of clothing that was modeled included a short description of the materials used, as well as the themes and ideas the creators used to formulate the piece.

The articles of clothing displayed in the show were made entirely out of disposable materials. These included toilet paper rolls, coffee cups, aluminum cans, garbage bags, and candy wrappers. Students drew inspiration from a variety of places; some based their designs off of documentaries, while other designs were inspired by iconic movie characters. Some of the fan favorites included a dress made to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, a batman costume, and a ball gown created from Tim Horton’s cups.

Zainab Alavi, a Grade 11 student who was one of the designers involved with the show, said, “We all put effort into our pieces, and there’s so much work that goes behind each piece. Seeing each costume come to life from essentially garbage was magical.”

“Overall, my favourite piece was the one made of the coffee cups,” said Charmaine Chang, an audience member. “I really appreciated the creativity of all the artists! I thought it was a great show and I’m very excited for next year.”