This year, SAC introduced mandatory club check-ins. Club check-ins are intended to improve the relationship and communication between SAC and school clubs, encourage transparency on the clubs’ behalf regarding the budget allocated to each, and answer any questions that clubs may have. The initiative was planned and executed by SAC’s Clubs Convenor, Rafiq Habib, and President, Zaid Irfani Baig. The club check-ins began around the first week of December, and continued throughout the month. The remaining club check-ins were completed in January, following the winter break.

Clubs Convenor Rafiq Habib conducts a club check-in. Photo: David Chen-Li

According to SAC President Zaid Baig, clubs are an integral part of the school culture and school events. He said he believes that SAC needs clubs to have a successful year, as by itself, SAC can’t cover all the requested spirit events. Zaid says that it is important for these club check-ins to encourage clubs to host events, such as the EcoTeam’s “Trashion Show.”

He adds that SAC also means to use the club check-ins to document general information about the school clubs. This includes looking at actively attending members, club social media accounts, and taking a club photo (which will replace the previous club photos that took place in the Space Resource Center).

Rafiq said that the check-ins take place at the clubs’ monthly or weekly meetings. He mentioned that he has to contact the executives of larger clubs that don’t host as frequent meetings, such as The Reckoner or DECA, separately to arrange a date for a club check-in.

Areeba Asghar, an executive of Orphan Sponsorship Club, said she thinks it is a good initiative: “I think it’s a good idea, because beforehand, SAC wasn’t really involved with the clubs. It’s also good because many clubs get money, and it’s beneficial to check if they’re using it well.”