On 3 June,  SAC hosted a slightly larger meeting as members from the newly elected student council were asked to join. The meeting was held after school in the staff room.

After congratulations to the newly elected members, the agenda opened by making several constitutional changes. Firstly, it was decided that the role of chairperson would become a year long position and secretary would become a semestered position. This was passed without any objections.

The next item was the addition of Senior Representative. Currently, SAC has a Junior Rep and the External Affairs Officer is meant to ask as a Senior Rep in addition to their current duties. However, President Soheil Koushan pointed out that there is no guarantee that the External Affairs Officer would be in grade 10 or 11 as is the case with the newly elected student council. Senior Rep would be a semester position and advise SAC on the opinions of the senior students. In addition to being a liaison, the Senior Rep would also be responsible for leading one or more SAC initiatives.

With the addition of Senior Rep, the duties of current positions were slightly revised. External Affairs Officer will manage social media and attend MGCI alumni meetings. Treasurer will take on more responsibilities concerning fundraising. Advertising co-coordinator will focus strictly on technical aspects, such as creating posters for SAC events.

This item segued into the election procedure for Advertising coordinator. There will be an application in which candidates are first screened by the Vice President. After this, the remaining candidates would be given a task (e.g. design the semi-formal ticket), these designs would then be anonymously voted on by SAC members.

It was also decided that the election procedure for semester positions will continue being overseen by the Vice President, but the Vice President can only run the executive elections if they are not participating. The suggestion of online voting was brought up, but it was decided that the topic should be saved for a later meeting.

The meeting concluded with the old SAC members meeting with their new counterparts. They began discussion of the upcoming school year’s calendar.