As the month of October began, SAC introduced their four new Grade Representatives for Marc Garneau’s 2017-2018 school year.

From 25 September to 26 September 2017, SAC held interviews to choose MGCI’s new Grade Representatives. Potential candidates were chosen from a greater pool of online applicants.

Grade Representatives will aid other SAC members to help start student initiatives for their grade and will act as student liaisons for their grade.

The 2017-2018 MGCI SAC Grade Representatives are as follows:

  • Grade 9: Fatima Gulab
  • Grade 10: Nelson Lee
  • Grade 11: Helen Chen
  • Grade 12: Hasib Gul

When asked why she applied, Grade 9 Representative Fatima Gulab said, “I think SAC is a great opportunity to improve your leadership skills and to make new friends.”

Grade 12 Representative Hasib Gul, shared one of his plans to help improve the school this year. He said, “I plan on having after school seminars for the Grade 12 students on when and how to apply to OSAP and post-secondary applications. A lot of people are confused on how to apply and I want to help Grade 12 students to get out of the school.”

As to what she thought about SAC and its impact on the student body, Helen Chen, the Grade 11 Representative, said, “I think Student Council is a great way to convene students and bring all the students together. By managing and allowing a lot of clubs to run and organizing many activities, more students know how to get involved in the school.”

Marc Garneau’s Grade Reps are very enthusiastic for the new school year and look forward to what they can do on SAC. Hasib said, “I feel like this is going to be a pretty unique year. The student council is trying to bring change and go above and beyond.”