Ms. Goldenberg arrived at Marc Garneau CI in 2008, and is saying goodbye after a decade at the school. She made monumental changes as the principal of MGCI including Winterfest, a Grade 11 Conference, and helping solve the overcrowding issue at the school. She will be transferred to Earl Haig SS starting in September 2019. Her presence has shaped the success of the school and will be missed.

The MGCI community found out about Ms. Goldenberg’s transfer through an email sent out on Friday, 28 June 2019. As the event was well after school had ended, Nelson Lee, the incoming SAC President organized a Thank You Ceremony as a surprise for Ms. Goldenberg. When asked why he organized it, he said, “It was necessary for students to have the opportunity and the chance to say goodbye to a very important principal. It was shocking that the Board would release the decision two days before the end of school and in the middle of post exam season giving students no chance of saying goodbye.”

The ceremony was held in the library on 12 July 2019, Ms. Goldenberg’s last day at Marc Garneau CI, and started at 11am. Staff and students gathered together to surprise Ms. Goldenberg as she was invited into the library. Several students spoke including Adil Haider, The Reckoner’s incoming Editorial Manager. Adil said, “Amidst all the changes of the school, one thing has remained constant for The Reckoner. Ms. Goldenberg.” Ms. Goldenberg had a special place in The Reckoner’s history, having seen it grow and blossom into something truly amazing at the school. Her everlasting support for the paper has made it achieve its presence as one of the best high school newspapers in Toronto.

Students gathered in the library to show their support and gratitude for Ms. Goldenberg. Photo: Evan Woo.

Other students spoke including Nelson Lee, the incoming SAC President, Evan Woo, the incoming Vice President of TDSB Student Senate, and Zaid Baig, a former SAC president, and a video was played from Grade 11 student Grace Xiong and her classmates, thanking Ms. Goldenberg for her support in the Dalla Lana Outreach and Access Program, which was hosted at MGCI in its first year. They all shared stories of how Ms. Goldenberg was special, and changed their lives and the school in one way or another. Zaid said, “I lost a lens on my camera at the Christmas Show, and we just couldn’t find it. Ms. Goldenberg emailed me over the break to see her and when we got back from the break, she bought me a new lens. Without her doing that, I’m not sure if I could have continued my passion for creating films.”

Rob Oliphant, the Member of Parliament for Don Valley West was also in attendance at the event. He delivered a speech and described his pleasure of working with Ms. Goldenberg over the past ten years. He said, “All the principals in Don Valley West are good, there is not a single bad principal among the elementary, middle, and high schools. But there is one who rises above them all. It is Ms. Goldenberg.” After his speech, he awarded Ms. Goldenberg with the Member of Parliament’s Sesquicentennial Citizenship Award for all her efforts at Marc Garneau CI.

Some people noted how Ms. Goldenberg should have been informed about the transfer earlier, so that she could have had an opportunity to properly say goodbye to students, staff, and community. In her email she wrote, “I wish that I could have spoken to each of you personally.” The ceremony was small in attendance, but represented the gratitude student body felt for Ms. Goldenberg.

The curtains have closed for Ms. Goldenberg at MGCI, but students and teachers alike are sure that she will continue to do amazing things as the new principal of Earl Haig SS. She assured everyone that under the new principal, Mr. Di Felice, Marc Garneau will have the potential to soar to new heights and successes. She also expressed her gratitude to her students, saying “Thank you, thank you all.”

On behalf of the students of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, The Reckoner would like to thank Ms. Goldenberg for her dedication over the past ten years.