On Wednesday, The Reckoner published an editorial by Thomas Donnelly and Connor Adair. The article outlined the inconvenience posed to students by having the Overlea doors locked at 8:15 AM: the 357 students who have first period spare are expected to walk around to the office doors on a path that is often unmaintained in harsh weather conditions.

The editorial explained that sometimes the Overlea doors are unlocked for harsh weather conditions. However, the inconsistency of the unlocking leaves many students walking around to the office doors anyways, not wanting to take their chances.

Clear and substantial student support for the opinions expressed in the editorial prompted us to bring up the issue with Principal Goldenberg. She understood and respected the request of the students, and committed to keeping the Overlea doors unlocked for students entering for period 2 until further notice: at least until weather conditions improve.

It was only with the support of you, our readers, that we are able to communicate the student voice and bring about change in the school. So keep reading, and keep talking, MGCI. Your opinions do matter.