On 22 September 2017, the first pep rally of the year was held as the final event of SAC’s Spirit Week. Organized by SAC and the Athletic Council, the Athletic Rally was held during lunch in the gym, beginning at around 11:15 am.

Student participating in the dodgeball game. Photo: Matthew Tse

Prior to the event, the pep rally was promoted on SAC’s social media as well as in the morning announcements during the week with promises of a dodgeball game and prizes. As a result, more than two hundred students attended the event. Students were also encouraged to wear jerseys to the event in accordance with Spirit Week’s Jersey Day.

As the bleachers began to fill up, a group of students performed a choreographed dance routine to warm up the crowd and were met with great applause. SAC President Lisa Wang encouraged students to cheer for their respective houses, and rewarded points to the Green House for the most enthusiastic cheering, as part of the newly-implemented house system.

Students playing dodgeball at the pep rally. Photo: Matthew Tse

The audience was asked to check underneath their seats and those who found stickers were invited to participate in the dodgeball game. About twenty students participated and the last four students standing were each awarded with a five-dollar Tim Horton’s gift card. Sunglasses were also thrown out to the crowd.

Kashaf Amir, SAC’s Athletic Convenor, was very pleased with the turnout for the event. “One of my goals for this year is to have more girls involved in sports and athletic events,” she said. “Today we had a lot of girls at the pep rally, and I hope that even more would come to future events as well.”

Mr. Hillman, the teacher supervisor for the Athletic Council, thought the event was a success: “School spirit doesn’t appear overnight, but the house system and events like the Athletic Rally like this create a culture, a family in the school, one that everyone belongs to.”