MGCI will now be conducting breathalyzer tests at outside of school functions such as prom and athletic banquet. This decision, made by the administration, was a result of an increase in alcohol-related incidents. Vice Principal Mr. Sharp said that “there was an issue at athletic banquet and semi last year. We decided to solve the issue.”

These tests will be conducted upon entrance to the event for all students and throughout the event upon staff’s discretion as indicated in a Grade 12 assembly on 26 March.

Both staff and students understand where the administration is coming from. Ms. Alam, the prom committee’s staff advisor, said that “as staff, and a parent, I feel that it is a wise choice.” She also said that “I’m sure the administration will be just and fair.”

Students that choose to show up intoxicated will be kicked out of the event and their money will not be refunded.

Outside of school events, such as semi-formal, will now breathalyzer tests.  Photo: Noor Mah

Outside of school events, such as semi-formal, will now have breathalyzer tests.
Photo: Noor Mah

Mr. Sharp added: “We’re not letting one or two people ruin the event. We’ve had a student puke all over the table cloth and that’s detrimental to the pleasure of the event. My job is to make sure that people who want to have a good time, in the way that they’re supposed to have a good time at a school event, can do so.”

Although agreeing with the policy, prom convener Mariam Shiekh notes that this can have an effect on event attendance. “This policy stops [drunk] people from coming there and creating chaos, but there are people that show up to events drunk. Still, it’s better to arrive sober than get kicked out drunk.”

Grade 12 student Ryan Marks stated that “the policy makes sense but is intrusive. I think the administration should have probable cause before testing a student.”

As of now, the cost of the breathalyzer test is approximately $0.50 per student and has not been added to the price of dance tickets, though Mr. Sharp noted that this is a possibility for next year.