The first day of school. This has not been our first encounter.

And this has not been the first summer to make that swooshing sound as it passes by instantaneously.

Now the first day has come and gone, but once again it has been the milestone for the beginning of entirely new chapters. For many, it meant entering a new school: a completely new setting where familiar faces are a seldom delight. For some, it may have been a tear-filled event, one of the ones in which you desperately grip onto Mommy and beg her not to go. Settings change and characters change, but we all continue to write our stories.

What we aim to do at The Reckoner is to share some of those stories. We know that this year is going to be an interesting chapter, one whose ending is unforeseeable. Within this chapter lies the possibility of something special to be brought to life; something one can be proud of. I guess in a way, this is our little child.

So here’s to a whole new year. One of growth and change. One filled with failures and hopefully, with wins.