Last week, a buzz around Marc Garneau’s student government surrounded the first meeting of semester one class representatives (as well as the possible return of our favourite beverage, chocolate milk). This week, we check in (literally!) with ballots abound and sensational speeches: it’s election time!

As class representatives, students have the opportunity to run for a grade representative position. Unlike Class reps, Grade reps are a liaison between the class representatives and the executive board, voicing out their grade’s collective opinions at executive meetings. These students also hold monthly meetings, and keep their grade informed with school happenings via e-mail.

Student Activity Council president, Soheil Koushan and Vice-President Yanxiu Wu address the candidates for this semester’s S.A.C. positions prior to their speeches.

Besides the grade representative positions, two other semester positions are Junior Representative and Chairperson. The Junior Representative assists the External Affairs Officer in any necessary situations and events, and attends all Parent Council and Super Council Meetings. The Chairperson conducts all Executive meetings, and moderates discussions between S.A.C. The “Chair”, for short, takes on a leadership role during executive council meetings by keeping everyone in check.

As everybody began to settle into the library for today’s meeting, executives on the Student Council board began to hand out ballots for the impending election.  Immediately replacing the quiet awkwardness of last week was a low, yet clearly audible hum of excitement.

As usual, president Soheil Koushan and vice president Yanxiu Wu started things off by welcoming everyone and addressing the outline of the meeting. Almost immediately after, they got things rolling by calling out the candidates for each of the six positions: Junior Representative, Chairperson, and Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 Representatives. Every candidate possessed charisma that was uniquely their own. One candidate quoted lyrics from Rebecca Black’s hit “Friday” to carry her point across, while another stood prim and proper behind the podium and spoke eloquently about what he had to offer. Through acknowledging nods, impressed glances, and amused laughter from the audience, we eventually got through every candidate’s minute long speeches. Opinions wonderfully articulated, everyone in the audience seemed to have a tough time deciding whose name to place the check mark beside.

“This is so difficult…I honestly don’t know who to choose.” said Alie Teachman, one of the many conflicted voters.

At this time, the members of the Executive Council conferenced to count the ballots.

Shortly after, they returned to a room that was holding its breath- but wait! After counting the ballots “thrice”, directly quoted from vice president Yanxiu Wu, there was a tie between two candidates for the Junior Representative position. Both candidates presented sensational speeches for a second time today, and managed to put the crowd in an even bigger conflict. However, the ballots for the new votes were counted, and finally one of the two brilliant young ladies took the lead.

Congratulations to all of those who won a semester position today, and an even bigger round of applause to those who ran in the election. Regardless of the results, it goes without a doubt that Garneau will have a great year thanks to the hard work from ambitious, passionate students like yourselves. Now that all the Student Council positions have been claimed, the school year is truly ready to kick into full gear.

Update: The following are the confirmed winners of the semester elections: 

Grade 9 Representative- Helen Ho
Grade 10 Representative- Farahnosh Hashimi
Grade 11 Representative- Pingda Li
Grade 12 Representative- David Liang
Junior Representative – Arora Chen
Chair Person – Ali Erfany