Despite uncertainties raised by Student Council, it has been announced that MGCI’s semi-formal dance will occur as planned on 4 December. However, there aren’t enough students attending; ticket sales did not break even.

Out of the 300 tickets available for sale, approximately 200 were needed to cover the costs of the dance. Unfortunately, only 162 tickets were sold. Due to the shortfall, plans for future events have been placed on hold.

The deficit, totaling at approximately $500, will be taken out of the SAC budget. The budget itself is funded from the $20 registration fee collected from students at the beginning of every year. From some very rough calculations, this comes to approximately 28 cents per student.

Last year’s semi-formal saw 309 students buying tickets. The low amount of ticket sales for this year’s dance came as a surprise to everyone. “I’m not quite sure why there was such a lack of school enthusiasm this year,” says Social Convener, and Semi coordinator Lydia Gouveia. “My best guess would be bad timing. I know personally for me, school expenses really piled all at once this month”. Many students also complained about the price of the tickets. Interestingly, ticket prices only rose $3 from 2013 prices to account for the fee of hiring police officers.

The fate of future dances this year are uncertain. Due to the lack of ticket sales for semi, the annual Spring Fling dance may be cancelled. Furthermore, if a future dance were to occur, only those who attend Winterfest will be allowed to participate. The decision to hold a dance lies in the hands of administration. Luckily, Prom and Athletic Banquet will still be taking place, as they are funded separately.

Correction, 6 December 2014: The deficit that the dance ran was $500, not $1500 as previously written.