In one universe, she is a child sobbing her tiny heart out. She perches at the brink of two separate paths and there is no way to go but forward.

In one universe, she is a crone breathing the last of her breaths. She hears the echoes of bygone memories and clings to the sight of her fading family.

In one universe, she is a pirate screaming in rage at the ruins of her ship. She swears vengeance and murder, she curses and roars, “they will pay, they will pay, they will pay.”

In one universe, she is an abbess praying for the lost, the wandering, the dying—her children. She stands and promises those hungry eyes that there is always hope for a better day.

In one universe, she is an ant toiling under the burdens of queen and community. She surveys her ever-moving, ever-working kingdom, and at once she is strengthened again.

In one universe, she is an angel wings burning as she falls from the heavens. She lands in a lake of starry waters and when she stands, she is torn but perfect once more.

In one universe—in all the universes—she is small, she is scared, she is wrathful, she is powerful, she is great. She is fanciful and hopeful, down to earth and cynical, and she loves and hates. She is talented, she is mediocre, she is loud, she is shy, she sleeps, and she breathes, and she dies. She is nothing but slave to the ignorant and the grey, and one day everything she is will be okay.