Henry on life. 

Yeah so today my beautiful mother took the time to cut my hair; she really is an artist and not everyone can cut hair, although it seems really easy. Now that I think about it my mom really does a shitload for me and I’m always an ungrateful little bitch. Like after I took a shower I just went on Facebook while she cleaned up everything and made dinner. I should really help her out more… We should all help our moms more, because without them, where would we be? I don’t know anyone whose mom doesn’t love him or her, so let me know if yours doesn’t.

I’ve recently been reading an awesome novel called Shelf Monkey by Corey Redekop, and I think the author is amazing. I picked up the book at the library (yes, I can read although I might not look like it) because the cover was so simple and well, eye-catching. Don’t you ever get books with plain covers like Rules or the one with the carton of eggs? It just looks so clean and interesting, at least in my opinion. Anyways, it’s actually about bibliophilia (like pedophiles or audiophiles) and how these “bookworms” fight against this author that is lowering the populations I.Q. scores through his books. The format of the book is really cool in how there are no chapters or sections in what seems to be a continuous chunk of story, kinda like The Old Man and the Sea or something like that. It’s also cool how the author always changes perspectives and uses documents, newspaper articles, and e-mails to narrate the story. What kept me wanting to read more (unlike A Tale of Two Cities or Pride and Prejudice) was the contemporary language and modern setting, things that I could relate to and understand. Even better, the author is Canadian and he makes many Canadian references! Anyways, if you have the chance, check it out, it’s the one with a fire sign in a diamond on a white backdrop.

Well, that’s another blog entry/Mother’s Day speech/book review. Congratulations to the Palestinian State for bidding to be a UN member! By the way, excuse the swearing, I figured after reading Kasra’s article…