Ah, my favourite season has come at last. It’s not the cold weather that I’m fond of, nor the idea of shovelling heaps of snow. It’s skiing that really takes my breath away. From the adrenaline rush you get from skiing down the hills to the warm hot chocolate you sip in the cabin, skiing is a wonderful experience.

Skiing is a great way to enjoy winter and get a taste of that sensation of freedom as you descend the hills with great speed. Stepping off of the gondola you can see what challenges await you while examining the steepness of the hill and the expressions on people’s faces. When your skis lean over the tip of the hill you feel a jolt of excitement and the race between you and your conscience begins. Speeding down the hill with grace, you feel the cool breeze brushing your face and your skis gliding over the fresh snow. You sometimes stumble here and there, but the mistakes that you make are part of the fun. In a blink of an eye you’ve already finished the run and are ready to go again. If you are daring and want to look like a pro, you try skiing through glades and making sure you avoid getting hit by a tree. Finally, there’s the part where you get to shred half pipes and do some pretty snazzy tricks in Terrain Park (while everyone else laughs at you falling off of the ramps).

Aside from the beautiful scenery and the need for speed, the best part about skiing is being around with your friends. I find it fun when you get to share your skiing experience with your closest buddies. At one moment you’re racing your friend to see who wins the bragging rights for the rest of the trip. At another, you’re stuck on a chairlift singing with your pal to make idle moments fly by as fast as possible. Whether you are having a hot coco chugging contest, or are flinging snow at your friend, in the end the wonderful moments you’ve had will warm these cold days.

Winter vacation is not too far away and I’m definitely looking forward to skiing to my heart’s content. Some decent places to ski not too far away from Toronto are Ski Dagmar, Lakeridge, and Skyloft; search them up. However, for those looking for more daring hills with a challenging Terrain Park, go down to Mount Saint Louis or Blue Mountain, and ski away!