I see the mirage of happiness in your eyes

You’ve got that smile plastered across your lies.

Who are you really? What is it that you fear?

You’re hurting like a wounded deer.

You’ve even polluted your veins

Please. What are you going to gain?


Your voice augurs spring

So why do your words cling 

To the brink of life?

A single touch and you’re in chains; but it’s already in vain.

Your face betrays your voice and shows your mental pain

But why? Let me see what your heart contains.


I can hear your heart pleading

Constantly depleting the cheerful you. 

The colour of your face drastically becomes duller

As if it’s been eaten away

Maybe even beaten by the colour of day.


But now

Don’t close your eyes; don’t doze away. 

Don’t tell me the present; let me dwell on the past. 

I refuse to see you; not when you’re in this state.

Just how could you take the bait? 


You’ve worked hard secretly

Carrying the weight of sadness 

Just please 

Be waiting

For when I meet you at the gate.  

Photo: healthline.com