As the school year gets into full swing, you may find yourself with less and less time on your hands which only makes the little time you do have that much more precious. To make sure you don’t waste those valuable moments watching reruns of TV shows on the couch, here are a few ideas for getting out in Toronto:

St. Lawrence Market

Though relatively deserted for most of the week, St. Lawrence Market comes alive every Saturday morning when the market opens. There are over 100 vendors selling food, clothes, and just about anything you can think of. The food is amazing with some notable highlights being St. Urbain bagels and the peameal bacon sandwiches.

Leslie St. Spit

Ever want to get away from the city for a bit? The Leslie St. Spit gives you the opportunity. Technically a peninsula, this piece of land stretches out into Lake Ontario for 5 km; you can bike or walk down to the tip where you’ll find a lighthouse and a stunning view of the Toronto skyline.

Riverdale Farm

Who knew we had a farm right in the middle of Toronto? Sitting on the side of the Don Valley, Riverdale Farm is home to a variety of animals. Stroll down the pathways, stopping to pet a sheep or cow every now and then. Look! Piglets!

Drive-in Movie Theatre at Polson Pier

Did you know that Toronto is home to the largest drive-in-movie screen in North America? While I know most of our readers won’t have cars, or even their driver’s licenses, this is a recommendation to store away for a summer day in the future (when you do have a car). Sitting in the car with your friends, watching (or not watching) a movie with a summer breeze blowing through the windows; what could be better?

Casa Loma

If you’re looking to have an out-of-Toronto experience, Casa Loma is exactly what you’re searching for. This castle is in the middle of Toronto with an amazing view overlooking downtown. Complete with towers, suites, estate gardens, and even a secret passage or two, this castle is definitely something you don’t see every day––that is, unless you live in Toronto.

The Islands

Do you ever wonder where pictures of that famous view of the Toronto skyline are taken, the one with the CN Tower right in the middle? Just a short (and cheap) trip by ferry and you’re on the islands. The islands are great for many reasons, including the amusement park on Centre Island, the beach, the four-person bicycle rentals, and the events held there every summer.

Nuit Blanche

Have you ever wanted to go out with your friends, run around Toronto all night long, and see something interesting while you’re at it? Every year over one million Torontonians and tourists alike fill the streets for Nuit Blanche. This all-night art exhibit is set up on the streets with different installations all over. You can take part in some of the interactive exhibits, eat some delicious food, or just sit back and watch the night go by. This year Nuit Blanche is taking place on September 29-30 which is this coming Saturday.

Toronto is an amazing city full of amazing things. Whether you have the time to go to just one of these places or all of them, I think it’s important to try experiencing our city at its best.