Spider threads caught at her face, a sign that no one had been there yet. It was the way she ducked her head whenever someone spoke to her, picking up her pace. She simply couldn’t get out of there fast enough, leaving the trail of shared glances, embarrassed faces, and bad impressions far behind her.

They were never wrong. They never were. It was her. Darn, darn, darn. The blood trickled from the cut in her toe, bleeding from being constantly banged on her furniture. Again, her fault.

At least it was inflicted on herself. She smiled. It was a different take on the usual turn of events. This time, the shard of pain sent chills through her, and not another unlucky soul.

What was it that made her head dizzy with the blizzard of emotions overwhelming her? That cobweb of a brain, with tangled, destructed pieces of thread that could not quite join, like pieces of a puzzle that just didn’t fit. She couldn’t know.

That same cobweb that shrouded her from the outside world wore down from time to time. When this happened, her heart rate would spike and her breath would catch.

The cobwebs would eventually disappear, and it’d all be well. Until the blow. This was something she didn’t understand. Why her? Why was she the one cursed with this trouble, this inevitable fate that she had to face every single time?

It could not be stopped.

Just like the cobwebs had disappeared, so had the person from her life. But then the cobwebs reappeared like they always did.

It was probably a better idea to let the cycle do its own thing.

They all suffered the same fate. She had learned to stop trying, but she couldn’t learn to stop thinking. You couldn’t tell just by looking at her, but it struck her hard. It really hurt, not a single hint of a thread on anyone else. They all had it so easy.

But she was content with those spider threads. And so she continued ducking her head, the miniature version of herself being the only thing she lent out to others.

She could not be touched, and she was starting to think that that might be a good thing after all.