Student Activity Council (SAC) organized a spirit week during the week of 16 December 2019 to put students in the right mood for the winter holiday season. Prior to the spirit week, SAC advertised individual events with social media posts to charge up the holiday spirit among students and inform them about the planned upcoming events. 

The week kicked off with a photo booth with the Santa Cougar on Monday. The school mascot was dressed as Santa on the cafeteria stage and students could line up to take pictures with the Cougar. On Tuesday, students began their morning with free creamy hot chocolate and Timbits served by SAC members in the galleria at the end of period one. There was also a gift-wrapping contest held in the cafeteria during lunch. Multiple rounds were held and participants competed in pairs to wrap a gift within thirty seconds, using just one hand each. The pair with the best-wrapped gift took home their wrapped gifts as prizes, with a variety of items including headphones, a dartboard, a bow and arrow set, and a ping pong ball set. 

Free hot chocolate was offered to students on Tuesday morning. Photo: Evan Woo.

Wednesday came with a winter-themed Food Fiesta during lunch. Various clubs had tables lining the galleria and cafeteria, all piled with a large variety of foods including baked treats, drinks, and snacks. An assortment of sweets included cupcakes, brownies, cookies, candies as well as refreshing bubble tea and pop along with samosas, pizza, and gol gappas. Clubs that participated in the food fiesta included Me to We, The Reckoner, Orphan Sponsorship Club, MGCI Bridge Club, 1Up MGCI, Black Students Union, MGCI Art Outreach Society, and the Culinary Club. In the past, there has been the issue of the overcrowded galleria and long lines. To solve this issue, the tables in this Food Fiesta were lined up against one side of the galleria. The event was very popular among the students as they got to buy different kinds of foods and enjoy it with their friends. Not only did the fiesta offer a boost of holiday spirit to the students through delicious food and treats, but it also gave MGCI clubs a chance to raise money.

The last spirit week of the decade was brought to an end on Friday through a Christmas sing-along on the stage during lunch. Students were called up on stage to sing Christmas songs and received prizes for their participation. Free pop was also served near the SAC office for students to enjoy right before the holiday break. In previous years at Garneau, SAC has also hosted an annual Christmas Show that usually takes place on the last Friday of school. However, this year, due to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) protest, this year’s Christmas Show was canceled. 

Students participating in the Christmas sing-along. Photo: Evan Woo.

Throughout the week, SAC also hosted a “Guess what’s in the Box” challenge where students had to guess the item wrapped in a box. On Friday, this item was revealed to be a pop figure and the student with the closest guess was deemed to be the winner and announced on SAC’s Instagram story. Besides the competition, students also got spirit tickets for wearing festive clothing throughout the week. When asked about his overall thoughts, Spirit Convenor, Evan Woo said, “We noticed a lot of student participation throughout the spirit week, which was great! There were some challenges but overall, it was a good wrap up for the end of the year and the end of the decade.” 

Despite facing some challenges, SAC was able to pull off another successful spirit week and encourages students to stay tuned for their “End of the Decade” video. Happy Holidays Garneau!