MGCI’s Student Activity Council held its first Spirit Week of semester two from 6 to 10 March 2017. Similar to previous Spirit Weeks, it consisted of daily themes alongside lunchtime activities in the cafeteria. Throughout the week, the Spirit Committee worked tirelessly to encourage students to participate in the events. Several  themes and activities from the previous Spirit Week were replaced with new ones to retain its appeal.

Spirit Week was held from 6 to 10 March 2017. Photo: Matthew Tse

Spirit Week began with Pajama Monday. Students were encouraged to wear their pajamas to school. While students liked this theme, many of them could not wear pajamas to school because they lived far away.

Tuesday was Twin Day, the most popular and consistent theme in MGCI’s Spirit Weeks. Two or more students were encouraged to wear similar clothes to school and a bean bag tossing competition was held in the cafeteria. Students raced against each other to throw bean bags into wooden boxes within the time limit. Each of the boxes were marked with points according to it’s distance; the student who scored the most points in the end was awarded a twenty five dollar gift card.

On Tuesday, students were encouraged to match outfits with a fellow classmate. Photo: Matthew Tse

For Marvel/DC Day on Wednesday, students came to school wearing clothes featuring their favorite Marvel or DC comic characters. Although many students did not know about it, the theme was generally well received by those who participated.

Marvel Day was followed by Throwback Thursday, another student favorite. Students dressed in popular fashions or as famous celebrities from the 1900s and early 2000s. Some went on to paint symbols and logos on themselves as well. An overwhelming number of students also came to watch the arm wrestling competition in the cafeteria. The event lasted all throughout lunch and the last student standing won a twenty five dollar gift card. Students greatly enjoyed the game and the cafeteria was packed to the brim; however, a few complained that the winner was decided unfairly, claiming that since wrestlers could join one at a time in any order, the last person to join would be the winner and that was in fact the case.

Finally, Friday was Disney Day. Students dressed up as their favorite Disney characters, but the theme was largely overshadowed by the clubs’ fair and unhealthy food sales also occurring at lunch. As a result, very few students participated.

SAC promoted the Spirit Week with a large poster in the galleria, announcements, as well as online posts on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. However, SAC only posted twice on Facebook and once on both Snapchat and Instagram; these posts were also made late in the evening prior to the events. As a result, few students knew about the Spirit Week. Spirit Convenor Czarina Facun said the last-minute advertising was due to a miscommunication in SAC, as all methods of promotion were planned ahead.

The Spirit Week generated a positive response from the students who knew about it. Mazen Droubi, co-winner of the arm wrestling game, said, “It was very exciting. I had a lot of fun. I will win next time as well.”

Czarina upheld her platform promise to reduce participation fees as all activities were free. The prizes also became significantly more enticing: gift cards were awarded instead of chocolate bars and apples. When asked why chocolate was not awarded to students for dressing according to the day’s theme, Czarina replied that the SAC has been more environmentally conscious of late and wants to reduce littering as much as possible.

When asked to reflect on the week, Czarina said, “I wanted the school to come together and enjoy before a week of relaxation. Spirit Week is the most cost-effective way of improving school spirit. I will advertise it better next time.” SAC has announced their plans for an upcoming Spirit Event—a school parade. But the details have not yet been finalized.