From 18 September to 22 September, the MGCI Student Activity Council (SAC) held its first Spirit Week of the year. The week was held to promote student participation in school events and raise student spirit for the new school year. Each day of the week had a different theme and activity in the cafeteria during lunch. In addition, SAC used the new house system to encourage students to be more involved. Points were awarded to students for participating and dressing in accordance with the theme of the day.

The week started off with MGCI Apparel Monday. As according to the new house system, students wore clothing with their respective colours (blue, red, green, or yellow) or any MGCI apparel to gain points for their house. At lunch, students could pay twenty-five cents to participate in musical chairs and the winners received candy.

Students twinning for Twin Tuesday. Photo: Matthew Tse

The next day was Twin Tuesday. SAC set up a photo booth station with props and signs in the cafeteria and more house points were awarded to students who dressed alike.

Wednesday was Pyjama Day and also the Grade 9 barbecue. Everyone was encouraged to show up in comfy clothes but most activities were focused around the barbecue.

Following Pyjama Day was Disney/Comic Thursday. Students wore shirts with their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters and SAC played Disney songs in the cafeteria during lunch.

Students wearing jerseys at the athletic rally. Photo: Matthew Tse

The last day of Spirit Week was Jersey Friday, where students sported jerseys in support of their favourite players and teams. Jersey Day was accompanied by a pep rally in the gym which was hosted by the Athletic Council and SAC. Students from different houses competed in dodgeball and the last four finalists received Tim Horton’s gift cards. Read this article for more details. 

Spirit Week was promoted through the announcements, posters, and various social media platforms. A Facebook post was made every night to remind students of the theme for the next day and pictures and videos of the different events were uploaded onto the MGCI Instagram and Snapchat account. SAC also used some friendly competition between houses to push students to be more involved.

When asked about student participation, Spirit Coordinator Laksikaa Raja, said, “At first I think the audience was hesitant to participate in the activities, but as soon as we got to Twin Day I saw so many more students participate by coming down to the cafeteria for the photo booth.” Students were very eager to participate in cafeteria activities, but fewer people were dressing in the theme of the day. When asked about why she participated, Fatima Zahra said, “I like to dress up and participate but I’m not sure if other people care.”

To improve participation in the future, SAC will try to use better rewards as well as more interactive games that involve all genders. Laksikaa said, “For the future, we’ll have much more activities and many more prizes. I hope we can do a lot of activities for the upcoming Halloween season as well.”

While the house system encouraged many students to participate, there was an issue with some teachers not recording which students in their class participated and totalling points for each day. To resolve this, members of SAC went to various classes and counted students themselves. Students also went to the SAC office on their own time. Regarding the new system, SAC President Lisa Wang, said, “The house system is definitely in its early stages, and we made efforts this week with various methods of tracking to see which worked best.”

All in all, Spirit Week was a success. Students participated enthusiastically and Lisa said, “There are a few things to improve on but overall it was great to see a ton of students getting hyped early on in the school year!”