On 4 November 2017, students, accompanied by Phys. Ed teacher Mr. Laughlin, participated in the United Way CN Tower Climb. They arrived at around 7:15 am and started the climb shortly after 8:00 am.

Prior to the climb, students registered online and were required to raise a minimum of fifty dollars. Some of them went door to door asking for donations, while others raised the money online by emailing people a link to their fundraising page. A total of eleven students participated,  raising a total of nine hundred and thirty-five dollars. All the money raised will go to United Way, an organization which helps reduce poverty and build communities in Toronto.

Students and Mr.Laughlin at the top of the CN Tower.  Photo: Laura Lu

When asked why she participated, Grade 9 student Gracelyn Shi said, “Climbing the CN Tower is a really cool experience that I wanted to challenge myself to accomplish while giving back to the community at the same time.”

Participants registered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) and were given wristbands with an electronic chip to track their climbing times. They then walked over to the base of the CN Tower to start the climb.

The climb itself has 1776 steps, or one hundred and forty-four flights. So far, the record for the fastest ever time is nine minutes and fifty-four seconds. Most students completed the climb in twenty to thirty minutes. Grade 10 student Austin Lin had the fastest time out of the group, finishing in thirteen minutes and sixteen seconds. “I feel pretty proud, definitely did a lot better than I expected,” he said.

Team captain for the climb and return climber Laura Lu said, “I thought the climb was super fun and the turnout was way better than I expected. The MGCI team was super energetic and it just made everything even better!”

Once they reached the top, climbers got some much needed water, walked around, and enjoyed the view. After riding the elevator back down, they returned to the MTCC where refreshments were provided and participants received t-shirts with their climbing time written on the back.

The CN Tower Climb is an annual tradition at Marc Garneau and one that MGCI hopes to continue in the years to come.