i’m a voice crack on a high note i’m smudged lipstick on your teeth i’m a still-beating heart in a cadaver i’m a drop of blood from a paper cut i’m a fault line in a mountain i’m the smell of gunpowder on your fingers i’m cigarette smoke that you can’t wave away i’m television static i’m a record scratch i’m the cut on your leg you got from shaving i’m a scar that never seems to heal i’m the knife in your ribs rising and falling with every heaving breath i’m the blood ebbing and flowing like the rising tide i’m fertilizer for god’s vegetable garden i’m cacophonous mellifluous arrogant docile manic depressive technicolour sepia monochrome i’m beautiful and horrible and lovely and evil and


i’ll decompose but i’ll never die. i’ll stop breathing but i’ll never die. i’ll be reborn but i’ll never die.

Photo: CoughDrop