On 7 December 2016, Marc Garneau C.I. hosted a dance for all Grade 9 students during period 5 in the cafeteria. The dance was organized by SAC but funded by the school. Through the council’s planning, the dance gave MGCI’s newest students an environment to meet new people, have fun with their friends, and escape from the pressure of high school.

Students enjoyed SAC’s Grade 9 dance on 7 Dec 2016, despite complications. Photo: Justin Ye

To manage the dance’s attendance, Vice Principals handed out admission wristbands to Grade 9 students prior to period 5. The students made their way down to the cafeteria, where they were greeted with upbeat music, a DJ, flashing lights, and an open dance floor. The dance’s attendance was very high, and students began dancing immediately. SAC sold drinks throughout the dance as well. Students who did not want to attend the dance were admitted into the library for quiet activities.

Both students and teachers enjoyed the Grade 9 dance. One of the supervising teachers, Mr. White, said, “It was really well organized. The instructions were clear, and everyone was having a good time. I hope these students will remember this time going into the future.”

Throughout the dance, a number of complications arose. At around 2:40 pm, the school’s fire alarm went off. The dance was forced to be put on hold, and all the students had to exit the building. However, this did not discourage attendees, as they immediately revived the dance’s intensity when the alarm ended.

The small dance floor posed another problem for the event. When a number of students began shoving each other, the dance had to be temporarily stopped.

Although all the students had a very exciting end to their day, some still wished for more: “The dance was organized pretty well, but there were many people who didn’t really participate,” said Hani Umme, a Grade 9 student at the dance. “I wish there could’ve been a few games, where they could have called people on to participate. There also could’ve been dancers to get more people into it.”

Despite a few obstacles that affected the event, the Grade 9 dance was an overall success. New students had the chance to dance and have fun with friends, while interacting with new faces. The dance was a well deserved break for the Grade 9 students, as they approach the final stretch of the first semester.