My daughter asked me to read her a bedtime story,

about a princess with a young heart and is carefree,

Who lives in a world with happiness and glee.


How can I tell her that the world is not what she thinks it is.

It’s cruel.

It will bring her down and push her to the ground.

It will YELL her over and over,

“You aren’t worth it” 

“You are a mistake”

 And “You don’t deserve it”


How can I tell her that the real truth of the world, is actually burned,

How can I tell her that a boy can’t also like a unicorn or he will be considered cursed,

Or that the dragons will never get filled with power and are always at thirst.


Or how the punishment isn’t a fancy dungeon but A jump off a cliff or how her fate can easily be chosen , 

Or how can I tell her that the people she will call friends don’t really know how her story ends.


And how can I tell her that princesses cannot be saved by a kiss that,

that was just a mere myth,

And how can I tell her that the pink princess can’t play with the green princess or how the yellow can’t play with red 

If she asked I don’t what I would have said,


Or how the darkness will come for her ,

it will drag her with it, 

she will try to fight it, 

but the only thing is, 

she will come out a warrior or a skeleton,

fierce or doubtful,

There is no in between.


The only way to fight the darkness is to go through it.

She will need a shield and a sword.

In the end it’s worth the award.

But that’s a story for another day. 


For now I will Keep her safe with stories full of creativity and play.

I will protect her from the world in my suit of shining armour,

as she is my princess,

and it will be my honour.