MGCI Student Council LogoUnable to find a staff advisor to supervise last week’s meeting due to labour action complications, SAC meetings resumed today under the supervision of vice principal Mr.Sharp.

Today’s meeting, (the last one of this semester) focused on finalizing term objectives for the upcoming semester. Chair Ali Erfany presented a previously organized list, a compilation of ideas from all members on the executive student council board, and put each item to a vote. Most of these objectives revolved around the goal of involving class representatives with semester-long positions in more student council matters. Items included giving more responsibility to representatives, increasing the “class reps'”attendance at meetings, and providing them more opportunities to make decisions that affect the student body. By the end of the meeting, all items were passed.

Among the other topics of discussion were a spring fling dance, school-wide clean-up day, and advising the administration to improve the quality of our gymnasium. Social convenor Fahmi Rahman said he had promised students more dances during his campaign, and he was going to stick to his word by organizing a spring dance. Unfortunately, with the difficulty of finding teacher supervision due to the repercussions of Bill 115, logistics are still up in the air. Mr.Sharp confirmed that prom would be happening as scheduled.

Objectives for student council members in semester two include a SAC office renovation, and was unanimously passed by the group. Additional plans for a semester retreat brought concerns from SAC that student council did not have sufficient funds, but were later reassured by Ali Erfany. Some members wanted to continue with the planning of a student council retreat, while others preferred to allocate the money to something that would benefit the entire student body. Finally, this item was deferred until a later date. Twenty minutes of the meeting were spent discussing the lost key to the SAC office.

Concluding the meeting, SAC president Soheil Koushan updated the council on TDSB labour relations. According to Koushan, there is little to do apart from waiting to see what a new leader of the Liberal party will bring. Although there are no clear answers as to what the new premier should do, Soheil believes that it is student council’s job as “the leading club of the school” to set a good example and do the best they can to continue to get things done.