It’s very easy to judge a spelling bee. There are only two choices: right or wrong. Either you ding the little bell and say “that’s incorrect” or you don’t and swear to get them the next time. So I guess I’ll have to congratulate MGCI’s own Christian Muller and Susie Liu for surviving 1st and 3rd place. You’ve earned it, fellas.

The bee was executed to perfection. The cafeteria was decorated neatly and seriously for the event. A veritable feast of baked goods and sugary sodas was put on lavish display; a treat for spellers and attendees. A camera and screen combo was set up to capture a close-up of the contestants, and to receive an e-speech from the very famous Gorick Ng. Before and after the show, several distinguished guest speakers spoke on the importance of education and literacy, and on the power of individual effort. It was an exciting and inspirational night, to say the least.

The audience turnout, however, was less savory. There was, perhaps, a shortage of publicity; an audience of 40 was a little disappointing. But one of the forty was the Ward 26 councilor John Parker—a touch of prestige to the evening.

There’s a reason it was called the first annual TDSB Multi-High Spelling Bee Championship. It means there will be a second.