De-stress. Feel better. Be smarter.

Mme. Matthews, co-ordinator of Garneau’s “The Art of Balance” club holds up a promotional poster and a picture of the club’s sponsored child in Ecuador.

As the new school year gets into full swing and the homework begins to build up, I’m sure most of us wish enjoying ourselves was actually possible. Surprisingly, it is! Every Wednesday at lunchtime, room 201 fills with students who are provided with the opportunity to improve their physical health, their emotional well-being, and their mental clarity and alertness.

The club is voluntarily run by French teacher Ms.Matthews during her lunch hour. Using a “cutting edge method which is easy to learn yet extremely effective” students get to refresh themselves before beginning their afternoon classes. This method is gaining in popularity with celebrities such as Oprah endorsing it. It is also used in many hospitals and health facilities worldwide; the students at Marc Garneau are lucky to have it available to us at lunch. Current club member, Karen Wu says “I was doubtful at first, but [the club] is very refreshing and helps me to de-stress when I need to.”

Current and graduated Garneau students alike  continue to use Reiki and have even brought the practice to the University of Toronto.

Not only does this club help you individually, there’s also a  humanitarian aspect. Every year the members of the Art of Balance Club offer treatments to the teachers of the school; approximately 30 teachers pay a fee for treatments. With these funds, the club supports a child and his village in Ecuador.

This is a unique club which helps you feel better personally while giving you the satisfaction of helping others. If you’re interested in being restored, replenished, and re-energized try the Art of Balance Club meeting Wednesdays at Lunch in room 201. For more information, see Ms.Matthews in room 201 or in the Language office.