It starts with the letter G 

A small sprout budding 

So tiny that it could be destroyed by the slightest whispers of the wind

But the sprouts’ will to live was strong. 

Some say, a bit too strong. 


As the plant continues to grow

It demands for more

More food

More sunlight 

More water

More space 

Every day more than the last

Blinded by its craving for more

It fails to see the other plants surrounding it

And at the peak of its growth 

A sudden change seeped into its soil 

And into its roots

Like a dark green vial of poison. 


By the time the little sprout grows into a large plant 

The need for more is still holding it down 

Like a boulder on its roots

The colour draining its leaves 

Shriveling the plant to nothing more than wrinkles 

And the leaves helplessly plummeting towards the ground

Almost as if the Earth was telling it to come back to its origins

Withering day by day

With no one by its side.


A whole life wasted all because of one thing

And it ends with the letter D 

Can you guess what it is?



Did you guess the word? It’s actually greed! 

Photo: Britannica