The school library was closed on 23 April for the International Pan-Asian Inventors Museum, featuring Asian innovators from around the world. Brought in by Mr. Alexander, the exhibit shows contribution of Asian people who are born in or live in Canada.

pan asian inventors museum 1

The Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy spoke about her experiences being the first Canadian senator of Asian ancestry.
Photo: Cindy Cui

Francis Jeffers is the main organizer of the mobile museums, having organized similar multicultural exhibits for over nine years. He was also in charge of the Black History Month exhibit at Garneau in February. Jeffers said he chose to come to MGCI for its ethnic diversity, large population of Asian descent, high profile, and inclusiveness.

The exhibitions are all related to innovations, and Jeffers says he hopes to encourage students to be more innovative. “It’s important for Canada’s future,” he says, “I want students to look at the past, look at the present, and look into the future.”

A special guest who attended the show today was the Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy, who spoke to us about her experience being the first Canadian senator of Asian ancestry. “It was difficult,” she said, “I was the first and being a woman did not make it easier. In the red chamber, being the first and being Asian, everyone wonders if you will survive. It was a very difficult political climate.”

Only Mr. Alexander’s class attended the exhibit on the 23, although it will be open to all students on 24 April.

“Really though,” Jeffers tells us, “the exhibits are really about celebrating people.”