Thousands of light years into space we inspect,

With the newest, most expensive technology,

For the planet that is closest to perfect.

But as of the present, there are none we see.


Within the vast space of our universe we scour,

Among billions of planets, and billions of stars,

Yet with each and every one our search goes sour,

None we see are habitable, with few better than Mars.


No other planets host the precious water we demand,

Other than Earth, that is, with an abundance for us all,

There is nowhere out there as hospitable as our land,

Only on Earth, does precious life flourish and sprawl.


Earth may support life, but still, we must beware,

Becasue even though our search is not done,

Our planet is fragile, and we have few resources to spare.

Of all the planets we know, Earth is the only habitable one.