On Wednesday 23 April, the staff of The Reckoner met to elect the Editor in Chief for its fourth guard. The candidates were Media Manager Jackie Ho and Director of Print Development Susie Liu.

Prior to the election, existing staff members of The Reckoner submitted applications for executive positions on the fourth guard. The position of Business manager was changed to Outreach manager, to include social media and promotion responsibilities in addition to fundraising and finance-related responsibilities. The incoming Editor in Chief then selected managers and directors for the fourth guard from these applications, with the help and input of members of the third guard executive. The executives for The Reckoner’s fourth guard, in the 2014-2015 school year are as follows:

Editor in Chief: Susie Liu
Deputy Editor in Chief and Media Manager: Jackie Ho
News Manager: Deifilia To
Editorial Manager: David Hao
Life Manager: Cindy Zeng
Director of Print Development: Shela Qiu
Director of Web Development: David Lu
Outreach Manager: Sophia Song

Susie Liu will be leading The Reckoner's fourth guard executive. Photo: Sabrina Bertsch

Susie Liu will be leading The Reckoner’s fourth guard executive.
Photo: Sabrina Bertsch