What makes a person happy? It’s not one colossal thing but rather composed of combination of the little moments in life we often overlook. Next time you’re feeling down, take a glance at your surroundings and think positive. Here’s a small list of some of the random things that brightened my day, and hopefully yours too;

The art of temperature control

Temperature during the night is often the most critical part of getting a good sleep. If you’re not comfortable, it’s impossible to get those much deserved hours of rest after a long and gruelling day. Too hot and you’re sweating, too cold and you’re shivering. You opt for the best of both worlds, a leg in and a leg out. This lets you enjoy the cool air without forsaking the warmth of the covers. This method leaves you wide eyed and felling refreshed whatever lies ahead the day after. It is the most enjoyable feeling.

The smell of a campfire at the end of a camping day

In the cold, dark forest, on that cold, damp log, you bask in the warmth of this polychromatic mix of soft yellows and oranges. The warm air rushes and envelopes you in this amazing scent. There is nothing better after a long day of camping to sit back and relax beside a blazing fire with a few laughs and marshmallows.

Successfully squeezing through a door while it’s closing

You pick up the pace, eying the door closing behind the short-haired lady . With lightning fast speed, you express your inner Indiana Jones and glide smoothly past the door that swings shut right behind you. You walk forward with a smile on your face, spared from the task of opening the door yourself.

When you’re right at the end of a book

The hero just rescued the damsel in distress, and they’re having their wedding in the next chapter. It was ages ago when you cracked the book open and half-heartedly read the first paragraph. Characters surprised you, did differently from what you expected, and changed as you got to understand them more. A feeling of nostalgia passes as you savour the last few words of the riveting tale that you obsessed about for the past week. The time finally comes to put the book down. And maybe read the sequel.

Getting a trucker to blow his horn

Truckers undoubtedly have the best horns. Out of all the noises heard on the road, nothing is as satisfying as a horn that means business, and one that you and your friends were the cause of. All the arm motions were not in vain, as you finally succeeded in your mission. Thank the truck driver for providing you simple pleasures, and walk with more spring in your step! You did it, champ!