Emma Wheaton as QUeen of Hearts. Photo: Mei Yi Niu

One of the contestants dressing up as the Queen of Hearts. Photo: Mei Yi Niu

On the 30 October 2015, students of MGCI gathered to support their friends in the Halloween Fashion Show during lunch. About 10 models participated in the short, five-minute show, which was organized by SAC. Students modelled their costumes on stage in the cafeteria. There was a variety of costumes, including costumes of jail convicts, Minnie Mouse, the Queen of Hearts, and of course, the MGCI Cougar.

Winners of the costume contest were chosen by the amount of applause they  generated from the audience. Halloween loot bags were given out to the audience for enthusiasm and participation.

“It was fun, but I thought it could have been more hyped,” commented an audience member. “The costumes were great, though.”

“I enjoyed it — but I think they should have introduced the different costumes first,” said Vinushega Rajeswaran, one of the participants in the Fashion Show. “Next year, more people should dress up and model their costumes.”

Overall, the event was deemed a success by many audience members, and it helped celebrate the spirit of Halloween.