High school is hard. But this year? It’s harder than usual. Yeah, we don’t get official exams this year, and you’re right, we don’t have to get up at 8 am every school day, but those benefits don’t reduce high school’s rigidity too much. Don’t worry though. Here are three simple steps to surviving high school for our new niners, but with a twist; it’s the quarantine version!

Let’s start with the most basic one: sleeping. Yup, I know your secret. I just know you’re sleeping late at night, only to wake up and rush to your laptop so you don’t miss class, and regretting the whole process. But then guess what? You do it again. And again. And another time. Seriously, you need to stop! Make a schedule, sleep on time, do whatever it is that you need to do. Because trust me, throughout your school year, you’ll notice that you display your best performance when you’ve got a good night’s sleep. Also, it helps that you’ll be able to work more efficiently, and overall, you’ll feel more like yourself than a sleep-deprived zombie. 

Are you feeling like a clown? Having thoughts of joining the circus? Well, reevaluate those thoughts; why join the circus when you can join Tiktok? You can get wrapped in the app for days at a time before realizing you only have an hour left to submit your ninety-page essay! And completely free of charge! I’m kidding; social media is fun and all, but please don’t forget to keep track of time. And whatever you do, don’t procrastinate! I can guarantee that you’ll regret it, come 11:59 pm. 

They say save the best for last, and this final point really is the best; enjoy yourself. Seems easy, right? Yeah, if only. As you progress through high school, you’ll find ten million barriers that will definitely make your life harder. They differ for each person, so I can’t exactly tell you why these barriers exist. However, at the end of the day, remember that doing things you genuinely enjoy always helps your mental health. Don’t be hesitant to partake in “online sleepovers,” playing Among Us, or joining clubs. (Even if they are online!) Just enjoy yourself, because you’ll truly be surprised by how quickly these four years pass by. 

Now that you’ve gotten through this, don’t forget you ever even read this. Trust me, at least one of these tips will help you survive this year.

Picture credit: Shutterstock