Chemistry Society

Are you interested in chemistry? Come to MGCI Chemistry Society this Friday in room 311 to learn more about cool experiments and contests you can participate in!

Filipino Culture Club

Filipinos and Filipinas of Garneau! The Filipino Culture Club is returning to be better than ever. Help organize fundraisers, find more friends, and get the chance to add experience to your resume. The first meeting will be held on Monday, 1 October in room 303 at 12:20.

Junior Achievement Company Program

Want to be the next Steve Jobs? Zuckerberg? Spielberg? The Junior Achievement Company Program can point you in the right direction. You run your own business and create and sell your own products. Need more info? Look out for posters or go to jacocompanyprogram.caps. You can earn profits and win awards!

Programming and Web Development Club

The programming and web development club is starting next Wednesday at lunch in room 224. People of all skill levels are welcome. See you there!

French Club

Bonjour! Interested in French? Want to practice your skills? French club will be having a meeting this Friday at lunch in room 205. Come and join for food, games, and more!

Orange Shirt Day

This Friday, make sure to wear orange to demonstrate the importance of keeping the discussion around residential schools open and to remember what the First Nations went through.

Bridge Club

Hey Garneau! Are you interested in enjoyable and exciting card games? Well, Bridge Club is starting this week on Thursday! Bridge is a well-known trick-taking card game, with millions of players worldwide! Drop in room 333 during lunch for tutorials on how to play bridge, weekly boards, as well as monthly tournaments with gift card prizes!

Photo Retake

Student photo retake day is Monday, 1 October. Visit the studio during your spare period.

Muslim Student Association

An information session about the Muslim Student Association will be held on Friday in room 103G.