From 11 to 20 December 2017, the MGCI Key Club held its annual Christmas Food Drive. All of the nonperishable food items that were collected will be going towards the Thorncliffe Food Bank and Flemingdon Food Bank to feed the hungry this holiday season.

Under the supervision of Mr. Latchman, empty cardboard boxes were distributed to all first period classrooms. The boxes contained an information sheet explaining where the donated food would be going and when it would be picked up.

The class that brought in the most food, judged by weight, was rewarded with a pizza party as a way to promote the food drive and encourage students to donate more. The food drive was also advertised on social media and in the daily announcements.

On 20 December, the filled boxes were collected. This year, MGCI students donated a total of four hundred and fifty-three pounds of non-perishable food items. The winning first period class, taught by Ms. Tharshan, donated a total of one hundred and eighty pounds of food and received a pizza party.

Last year, MGCI donated nine hundred and seventy-six pounds of food, significantly higher compared to this year’s participation. Joey Davey-Young, a Key Club executive, shared her opinion on this year’s Christmas Food Drive. “We were happy to help the community this way and are pleased with the amount collected. For next year, I think it would be better to spread the word even more and get people more excited about it.”