After dusk, comes dawn.
After a storm, comes calm.
After a door closes, a window opens.
And there’s always, always another chance.

But not this time.

You changed my life,
You turned it upside down, inside out.
Revived me, saved me, and–freed me.

Love is the brightest light,
Yet also a pitch black night.
Love is the rain after a drought,
A fire burning, blazing hot.

And that is why,
Even if you never love me,
Even if you embrace another,
Even if you observe another future,
I have no choice, at all, but to confess.

My averted eyes,
My embarrassing actions,
My flushed cheeks,
I’ll say it a thousand, no,
A million times.

And what have I become?
Just another girl you saved.
Just a shadow, and nothing more.
Just a sickening, sticky piece of gum,
Latching on you like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m stuck forever in a hero’s epic,
Unable to fabricate my own story,
Fated to be forgotten the next epoch,
Forever overshadowed by your towering pride.

I’m sick of that,
I really am.
Why do you still keep me by your side,
When you know the feelings I’m trying to hide?
Why can’t I ever pull away?
One word from you can make me sway.

Life has been a nightmare.
Day to day, pursuing a goal
I’ll never achieve
Being tied down
By the shackles of love
By the gears of fate.

I want to wake up.

I want to see the sun soaked rays
With my very own eyes,
I want to weave my own life,
Control my love, my hate, my cries.

I may have let my dreams go,
But I can’t let you be.
I’ve held a glistening knife of sorrow
Mere inches above your heart,
Yet my feelings always say no.

To you who never loved me,
I bid you farewell.
I pray that we never meet after this,
And I wish you a happy marriage
Between you,
And her royal highness.

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