There was never an easy way out

So many useless voices all around

Take me down, take her down

Decorum, was it not an option?

Speak up, you’re just scared!

You’re right, I’m straight up terrified

‘Cause I’m never going to win them over

Too much shouting, too much pain

Nobody will love a girl like that 

Why are you always so angsty?

Why do you think you know anything?

Keep my name out of your dirty mouth

But I won’t say that, not to anybody

Nobody will want a girl like that

They’re beautiful, they’re shining 

But you can only shove them on a scale

Trying to compare, picking piece by piece

I’m so exhausted at this point

Defending myself when I forever lose

Maybe I’m just less than but 

Nobody will love a girl that’s sad

‘Cause I’m below the line, your line

But why is there always a stupid line?

I always say no numbers, no prices

No labels, no names, no jokes

But nobody likes a girl who’s angry.

So yeah, too bad, 

if I’m not what you asked for.

Photograph: iStockphoto