Students studying in the MGCI library were ushered out on 17 October 2013 as preparations went underway for this year’s college fair. From 11:30 am to 12:45 pm, the library was crowded with students planning out their futures.

Four Toronto colleges set up their individual tables and answered any questions students might have had. These colleges were George Brown College, Humber College, Centennial College, and Seneca College. Each table had a variety of information displayed as well as representatives. Big banners were drawn out to boldly display what each college had to offer. Other activities included an iPad draw hosted by Centennial College.

The common theme at the fair was students asking the representatives if their college has the program or course they wanted to take, ranging from aviation to journalism and from computer networking to accounting. There was something for everyone. If any students wanted to dive deeper into any specific college, brochures and flyers were available on the various open house dates for each of the four colleges as well as college viewbooks.

Students visit the displays that colleges set up and ask questions about the courses. Photo: David Tang

Students visit the displays that the colleges set up. 
Photo: David Tang

“I really recommend students looking into all of the scholarships up for grabs” said James, representing Centennial College, “There are so many scholarships not claimed each year and they can be very helpful financially.”

In addition, students also asked about various course information such as course descriptions.  This event introduced a vast field of opportunities for MGCI seniors. The goal was to see what is best for each individual in the future. Students flipped through college viewbooks and explored the different campuses, courses, tuition, and everything else.

“I want to know how many people get jobs after graduating,” said Mohammed Siddiqui, a Grade 11 student, “This is important in choosing which college I want to go to. It shows how well the teachers teach and the student environment.”

In the end, students were intrigued at the information they had gathered and the colleges they had explored. It was an eye-opener on the potential each student has for the future.