Grade Reps

SAC is looking for four Grade Reps. Please apply by 15 February 2018. Forms are available on SAC’s social media.

International Show Auditions

Hey cougars! International Show is almost here! Which means its time to show your cultural spirit. Come in after school on 20 and 22 February to audition. Auditions will be held in the cafeteria. Make sure your group is read to go! For further questions, email [email protected]

Literacy Test Prep

The Literacy Test is coming up! All Grade 10 students are invited to prepare for the test by attending preparation sessions: Tuesdays after school in Portable 3, Thursdays after school in Room 233, and Monday and Wednesday at lunch in 214.

Eureka Conference Volunteer

Would all students helping with the Eureka Conference please meet in the SRC during lunch today.

AMC B Contest

Attention to all students that registered to write the AMC B math contests. The contest will be written this Thursday, after school in the cafeteria.

Black Student Association

The first meeting to discuss the Garneau’s Black Student Association will be held Tuesday 13 February in Room 243 at 12:10 pm. Students are encouraged to bring their lunch.

CPR-A course

We are starting a CPR-A course this week. For information about it please come to the library today at lunch. That’s a CPR-A info session at lunch in the library today.

Photography Club

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Photography Club is hosting an exclusive photo shoot in the studio at lunch on Wednesday 14 February. There will be props that you and your friends can take professional photos with. It is free of cost!