DoodleFest is back! Catch MGCI’s Art Council at the back field on Thursday at lunch for chalk-drawings, face painting and more!

Library Projects

This is a message for the students who had Mr. Warden as a teacher in first semester. If you are interested in picking up your project that was displayed in the library, please come to the library and pick it up. All projects not picked up will be recycled.


Graduating students! Between 29 May and 1 June you will be asked to submit your post-secondary destination online (your name, where you will be going – to work, training, college, university). The web link is accessible from the Marc Garneau website.

If you don’t submit this information, it will not be read at Commencement.

Prom Ticket Sales

Senior students! The end is near! Cheetos and sweatpants will be your fate on prom night if you don’t buy your ticket by this Friday! Friday is the last day to buy prom tickets in the cafeteria at lunch. They are now on sale for $105 each.