Ever wanted to meet your soulmate? SAC held a Matchomatic fundraiser from 5 February to 9 February 2018. Students could spend a dollar to get a personality quiz from the SAC office at lunch. The questionnaire consisted of thirty-five multiple choice questions asking various things from height and music preferences to best qualities. The questionnaires were sent back to the Matchomatic company, and the results were printed on a personalized results form and distributed to participating students of Garneau.

For Valentine’s Day, SAC organized Matchomatics fundraiser for students to find their new best friend or soulmate. Photo: Alex Yu

“I’m hoping to get a platonic BFF. It’s only a dollar and it’s fun, so why not?” Cheryl Zhou, a Grade 12 student, said when asked what she was hoping to get from this questionnaire. SAC distributed the results the week after Valentine’s Day until 26 February, as the shipping was delayed. This is the first time SAC has held such an event. The idea came from a Matchomatics email that SAC President Lisa Wang received in December. The money raised went to the SAC budget.

In another event promoting the lovely spirit of Valentine’s Day, MGCI’s Key Club sold roses at lunch from 9 February to 13 February. They had a table set up in the Galleria with a colourful banner. The roses cost $2 for one or $5 for two, which was less expensive than in previous years. Students who purchased roses were given small cards on which to write the recipient’s name and a message. Key club advertised the event on Facebook, the morning announcements, and with posters around the school.


In total, they sold 152 roses, which is more than double the amount sold last year. Key Club members delivered the roses on 14 February during periods one and two.

When asked what had made him want to purchase roses, Sigil Wen, a Grade 9 student replied, ”I wished to show my appreciation for a special somebody named Jonathan Uy.” He also noted, “I felt the prices were actually pretty cheap as the roses that came were actually high quality and legit.”

Iris Quan, one of the project managers who helped organize and facilitate the sales commented, “Everyone who received a rose looked very happy. It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.”