From a scandalous article about Semi and a copyright law ridden logo design contest to the tons of new events such as doughnut bobbing and an increased student presence, MGCI’s student activity council’s (SAC) work has been nothing short of a hell of a ride this year.

Recently, SAC put up a poster summarizing their achievements and future plans in the galleria. President Maria Kashif explained that often, students didn’t know and understand the role of SAC, or what they typically accomplish. She stated that the infographic was created to inform students and answer questions.

Illustrator: Cathy Zhang

Illustrator: Cathy Zhang

In the remaining two months of the school year, SAC aims to complete an ambitious amount of projects. These include everything from planning Spring Fling, Athletic Banquet, Grad Tea, Prom, and a special end of the year event, to releasing club budgets to the public, updating the SAC constitution, and creating a website.  President Kashif remains optimistic that this will all be done in the given time frame, “I know it’s a lot of things to pull off in the short time we have left but we have specific members responsible for specific tasks and I really believe in all the members on our SAC.”

Many students are satisfied with SAC’s progress. Bapisha Balakumar, a grade 11 student, commented, “It’s nice to actually know that SAC is doing all these things for campaigns and for the school. [T]hey actually do stuff this year.” When asked about what SAC’s priorities should be, many students overwhelmingly agreed that organizing school wide events took precedence over administrative work.

President Kashif said that she’s felt that SAC improve from year to year, recalling dark times when sweaters were $45, and the only planned events were Semi and Prom. She believes that “students are starting to acknowledge that SAC is a large contributor to a lot of the events and activities that happen at Garneau… and so I believe the student body generally views SAC positively,” while there are “tons of people that probably don’t care,” SAC will continue to work its hardest.