it’s like juicing an orange that has already been juiced,

over an empty, thirsty glass 


it’s like your thoughts running long-winded marathons,

and none cross the finish line 


it’s like sifting through pebbles in search of gems,

only to realize there are none


it’s like opening a book in anticipation, 

just to find blank, empty pages 


it’s a monster that sucks the colour out of rainbows,

but monsters don’t exist,

and the colours-rainbows metaphor is cliché 


and you stare at the clock as its hands tick by, 

while the paper sits silent and empty 


you watch the cursor blink as it sits in its place, 

that top leftmost corner of the page 


symptoms of writer’s block may include, but are not limited to:

feeling uninspired,



unprecedented amounts of sighing and frowning,

and getting absolutely nowhere. 


but at least it’s not contagious 

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