The Reckoner is the award-winning student newspaper of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. During the school year, The Reckoner publishes regularly on its website and produces a monthly printed newspaper which is distributed to the school community. The organization is comprised entirely of dedicated student volunteers: some of the best writers, artists, photographers, designers, and developers of the school. In 2016, the organization was named Ontario’s Best High School Electronic Newspaper and Ontario’s Best High School Volunteer Newspaper by the Toronto Star. To view the previous guards, click any of the links below:

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Sumedh Dhanvanthry is a Grade 12 student and the Editor in Chief of the Eleventh Guard. But you’ll need more than that... You ever seen moonlight in a black-and-white movie making everything look softer, quieter? You know how sometimes you’ll step out into a dusky evening and feel a thunderstorm coming? And how in the night, the ocean is at its warmest but you’re a little scared as you wade out into the dark? He’s sitting on the baked pavement, writing his poem in chalk on the road, knowing it’ll soon be trampled to oblivion.

Sumedh Dhanvanthry


Jefferson Chen is the Deputy Editor-In-Chief and Manager for the Editorial Board for The Reckoner. Aside from his usual commitment to school, he serves as the Chief Warrant Officer at 110 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Out of the academic world, Jefferson can usually be found on the piano, binge watching YouTube, or playing games on his 2013 PC. His games of choice are Minecraft and League of Legends.

Jefferson Chen

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Manager

Zahra Ahmed is a Grade 11 student at MGCI and the News Manager for The Reckoner. If she's not sipping coffee during the school day, she's probably planning her next coffee run. She usually complains about having too much work to do, or the opposite, having absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes, both at the same time. She takes pride in having taken a selfie with a llama, her obsession with to-do lists, and laughing uncontrollably.

Zahra Ahmed

News Manager

Sarah Li is a grade eleven student neck-deep in nonsense and daydreams. She's spent the past eight years of her life dedicating all of her time and energy to her novel series in-planning "CDP" and has essentially merged her soul with the thing. She landed herself as the Life Manager for the Reckoner by disguising the CDP as content. When she's not drafting up character arcs, rewriting physics, or finding increasingly creative ways to work around residual plotholes from Grade 2, she's... still thinking about the CDP. Seriously dude, get a hobby.

Sarah Li

Life Manager

Evelyn is the Photography Manager at The Reckoner. Her notable talents include starting assignments at 12 am and sleeping through all of her alarms. She aspires to one day be 5’3 and achieve a first grade level of fluency in Mandarin.

Evelyn Jiang

Photography Manager

Zoe is the Illustrations Manager for the Reckoner. She is always looking for new learning opportunities and loves to help others. In her free time, Zoe enjoys various artistic activities and sports like skiing or boxing. She is also an outdoorsy person, so expect to see her going on a lot of camping/wilderness trips. She hopes to study biomedical engineering in the future, and be able to convey emotions to people through her art for The Reckoner.

Zoe Cheng

Illustrations Manager

Cynthia Wang is a demon who has disguised herself as the Web Development of The Reckoner. She is currently testing the viability of stealing someone’s soul by staring at them through a profile picture on a website. If you ever perceive her in the mortal plane, you are obligated to give her your soul. In fact, since you’re reading this, you should give her your soul. Now.

Cynthia Wang

Director of Web Development

He is the Director of Print Development. He attends Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, and is also a part of The Reckoner. He has hobbies. Sometimes, he browses internet websites and other such things. Other times, he will do the occasional activity or hear a song. He is just like you. He works hard, enjoys things, and pumps blood from his heart around his body roughly 115,200 times per day. His favourite animal is the frog and he is in Grade 12.

Jeffrey Cheung

Director of Print Development

Allyson Wu is a Grade 11 student at MGCI and the head of the Outreach Board at The Reckoner. During her free time, she can usually be found listening to music on Spotify, drawing on her phone, or curled up with a book. Her current aspirations include becoming more fluent in Mandarin, improving her messy handwriting, and trying to increase her Among Us win rate. Feel free to reach out to her anytime, even if it's just to say hi - she loves making friends!

Allyson Wu

Outreach Manager

A member of the editorial board, he cannot bear to type his own name. Likely holds the opinion that the best immortality timeline exists in the "Arc of a Scythe" book series by Neal Shusterman and that luck is made, not had. He can be seen recreationally wearing a tie.

Aaron Zhang

Ada Aksoy is a writer for the Reckoner's Editorial Board.

Ada Aksoy

Ajita Kanthathasan is an illustrator for The Reckoner. In her final year of high school, she is both incredibly motivated and completely sapped of every last bit of her energy. She's simultaneously ready to write an essay on why south Asian sweets are in fact the best type of dessert and take a three week long nap. The only thing truly keeping her going is hopping from one hyperfixation to the next, but don't ask her about it as she will completely forget every single one of her interests the minute she is questioned about them.

Ajita Kanthathasan

Akshaya Varakunan is a writer for the Life Board, despite the fact that she hardly has a life, and a member of the Illustrations Board, despite the fact that she can’t draw (just kidding). She has a passion for horrible humour, sleeping late, and playing Word Blitz in calculus class (also just kidding). In her free time, you’ll either find her sleeping or trying not to fall asleep—unless it’s 3 am, in which case she is wide awake and wasting time like she doesn’t have to wake up in 4 hours.

Akshaya Varakunan

Allan is a Grade 11 attending Marc Garneau CI. He has been interning for his local church as a photographer, and is being mentored by a freelance photographer/creative content designer. Allan specializes in portraits and taking headshots of subjects, but is looking to broaden his areas of interest to nature photography as well. In his spare time, Allan enjoys buying bubble tea and playing volleyball 😉

Allan Li

Alvin Young is a member of the Life Board and the Print Board of the Reckoner. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, table tennis, and cooking. He hopes to be funnier than the average grandpa, as well as wiser. He likes to daydream, and wonder about the future. If you ever want some advice, he'll be happy to offer some. It's up to you to assess how useful it is. His dream is to one day find his passion (and true love :3).

Alvin Young

Amy Jia is on the Editorial, Photography, and News boards in The Reckoner. This is her third year on The Reckoner now, but the only part of her that has changed is her height. However, she decided not to recycle her old biography just to spice things up. If you like reading, bubble tea, music, food, or squirrel pictures, then you know you definitely have something in common with her. She’s always happy to make new friends, so don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation!

Amy Jia

Amy is trying her best okay.

Amy Long

Andrew Chen is a writer for the Life Board and a web developer for The Reckoner. He is a cool guy trying to do cool things, finding everything tech-related interesting! Andrew enjoys talking to the few friends he has and finds it difficult sustaining conversation. He also enjoys playing sports, notably basketball. Andrew finds himself frequently overwhelmed by all the things he has to do. His favourite time of day is lying on the bed, falling asleep. He is in a constant state of wanting to do something, but also not wanting to.

Andrew Chen

Andrew Xu is a Grade 10 writer for the Editorial Board. Some of his hobbies include programming, playing chess, and reading. He is fluent in English and Mandarin but not French. Procrastination isn’t a problem for him, but you can sometimes find him spending one hour to complete an assignment that should’ve been done in ten minutes. That is why his main goal is to be a more efficient person. Business, science, and politics are his favorite subjects to write on.

Andrew Xu

Andy is a part-time Grade 9 student at MGCI and a full-time loser. He is a writer for the Life Board, and is also part of the Editorial Board, despite not being able to English (if you ever text him, expect at least 5 typos in one sentence). Andy's interests are always changing, so he constantly finds himself doing dumb things he later regrets. He hopes to one day find his passion, but for now, Andy escapes this petty mortal plane full of tests and deadlines by daydreaming away about the mysteries of the universe and recalling recently viewed movies.

Andy Sun

Angela Xu is a Grade 11 photographer for the Reckoner. As the professional procrastinator that she is, she started writing this the night before it was due. She enjoys many activities including soccer, people-watching, word hunt, and drinking bubble tea, all of which she did while putting off writing this bio.

Angela Xu

Angelina Wang is a chipper and cheery Grade 10 student at Marc Garneau CI. She enjoys creating writing and poetry, sharing strong opinions, and making sick rhymes. She also likes spending her time playing sports and making music.

Angelina Wang

Anne is a Grade 10 writer for the News board. She enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things.

Anne Liu

Annie (left side) is an 11th grade writer for the Life Board. She enjoys browsing pinterest boards and online stores, jotting down poem ideas she’ll never write, and stockpiling blackmail photos of her friends. If anyone wants to cry together to Taylor Swift’s discography, she urges you to reach out.

Annie Xiong

Anthony Chen loves coding, so it’s no surprise that he’s been a developer for the Reckoner’s Web Development Board for the past three years running. When he’s not dealing with angry complaints that the Reckoner’s website is down, you can find him either plotting against his allies at the Diplomacy club or abusing robots at the Robotics club. If you ever want to distract him, just start a conversation about open source software, geopolitics, cryptocurrency, or all three at once.

Anthony Chen

Arabhi Kulamurugan is a Grade 11 student at Marc Garneau and is a member of the Life Board and Outreach Board at The Reckoner. When she’s not yelling at her school work like it’ll magically all make sense, she’ll either have her nose in a book, be listening to her liked songs playlist only (even though she has 15 other playlists made), or skating to escape reality. Her favourite show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine and was a mess during the finale. She loves meeting new people just as much as she loves animals, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her!

Arabhi Kulamurugan

Bala Venkataraman is a grade 9 member of the photography board, who enjoys doing any kind of programming, from solving a CCC problem to making a TensorFlow neural network, solving problems in Math and Physics, playing videogames and taking cool pictures. He is usually seen on his computer, or with a camera in his hand.

Bala Venkataraman

Bill Yan is a member of the Photography, Print, and Life boards at The Reckoner. He is a curious student who loves doing math, playing the piano, taking pictures, designing, writing and exercising. During the quarantine, Bill has been exceptionally bored, has practiced writing sentences with too many commas, and has tried to reduce his run-on sentences. He likes taking naps in his spare time as well. Bill is excited to be a member of the Eleventh guard this year.

Bill Yan

Brian Li is a Grade 10 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate institute, and a writer for the Editorial Board of The Reckoner's Eleventh Guard. He has previously written in the News Board. His hobbies include sleeping and playing games; quite possibly the most generic pastimes one can have. He is once again predicting an overt surplus of Reckoner biographies with the same Self-deprecating jokes™ concerning procrastination, the lack of spare time, and bubble tea.

Brian Li

Brian Yan is a Grade 11 developer for The Reckoner’s Web Development board. In his spare time, he enjoys competitive programming, solving math problems, and playing basketball.

Brian Yan

Caroline Cheng is a Grade 10 member of the Print Development Board at The Reckoner. In her free time, she loves reading, watching YouTube and anime, and playing badminton. She makes it through high school by enjoying the little things in life, like drinking bubble tea and listening to Spotify while working. Caroline prefers talking with friends to doing homework, and procrastination is a close friend of hers.

Caroline Cheng

Carrie Jiang is a Grade 11 member of the Outreach Board. For the past two years being in The Reckoner, she found herself stumped on writing a simple biography, but was reminded that she could easily rant about her spiraling addiction to Netflix. However, this year is different. She would like to mention that she is months sober from Netflix (excluding a short relapse for Squid Game) and now spends more time doing other things that she enjoys. She loves hanging out with friends, reading, playing piano, making extremely funny jokes, and sleeping (something she rarely gets to do).

Carrie Jiang

Chang is a grade 9 MGCI student who is a part of the Outreach and Editorial boards this year. When he's not lamenting over a missing piece of punctuation he forgot about in his school assignment, he's probably reading about the news or completing puzzles, two of his favourite hobbies. He loves to write about opinions he supports along with working in marketing and fundraising. Please feel free to reach out to him for anything! (He really needs friends!)

Chang Chang Li

Colleen Chang is a member of the Reckoner’s illustration board and an avid “no thoughts, head empty” enthusiast. In her free time, she enjoys watching speedruns, admiring architecture, exploring trails and city streets, and expanding her repertoire of Spotify playlists, just a few of the many things she did instead of writing her Reckoner biography. She hopes to one day learn how to cook basic meals so that she won’t starve and finish building a delightfully charming cottage in Minecraft with her friends.

Colleen Chang

Corey Dai is a grade 9 student and a member of the Web Board. He usually spends an absurd amount of time in front of his computer treating himself with time on Youtube or chatting with friends on Discord or possibly fixing He is a quiet person and also tries to be as respectful and kind as possible. Occasionally, he tries his hands at humour which always ends up being cringe worthy. He's new here so there's a lot for him to learn. If you see him around, you're always welcome to say hi.

Corey Dai

Daniel Fan is a photographer for the Reckoner. He likes to introduce himself to others as "the guy who just exists" due to his introverted nature or because he has an existential crisis whenever someone asks "who are you" and can't come up with an answer. You can find him in a corner on an electronic device or standing in awkward places waiting for time to pass or a bus to arrive in desperation to go back home.

Daniel Fan

Derek is in grade 10, and is a writer for the Editorial Board. He claims he has goals in life, but if you ask him about them, he has to think on the spot. His passions include fencing and playing the violin, and he is bad at both. He is a dad joke enthusiast and loves to annoy his friends with punny jokes and watch them cringe. To find him, search in corners where he could be crying.

Derek Chen

Donna Zhang is an artist for the life board.

Donna Zhang

Eileen is a ninth grade student and a member of the Outreach Board at The Reckoner. She's often found at her laptop, scrutinizing her writing, making herself tea, or all of the above. While she is passionate about many things, she'd say that thesauruses, blazers, and Excel spreadsheets take precedence. Oh, and politics. Please talk to her about politics—she's getting desperate.

Eileen Kuang

Elizabeth Wei is an artist for the Life Board and has an obsession with cool lighting and funny mobile games. Spontaneously Unique Sometimes. She has a horrible sleep schedule yet manages to hand her work in on time. She is looking forward to what she can do with her limited creativity.

Elizabeth Wei

Elliot Ngo is a grade 11 member of the Reckoner's Print Board. In their free time you'll usually find them listening to music, learning to play the guitar, watching sports, reading about politics, or consuming media.

Elliot Ngo

Emily Liu is in grade 11, and is a writer for the Life Board. She frequently employs the tactic of "brain offline, head empty", especially when she shouldn't. She's usually cripplingly addicted to some video game or another, unless there's a bio test coming up and all nighters are being had. Sometimes she plays guitar too (badly).

Emily Liu

Emily is part of the Editorial Board at The Reckoner. She enjoys crocheting, reading, and chilling with her friends. Emily can be found running up 3 flights of stairs to get to class, getting lost in the halls, and thinking of how to climb random things in and around the school.

Emily Ma

Enoch He is a junior in the Web Development Board of The Reckoner. He is constantly battling procrastination every hour of the day, in high hopes of being productive. When Enoch is not worrying about his grades, he is either wondering what he will be eating for his next meal or socializing with his friends.

Enoch He

Eric is a grade 10 student and a member of the Print Development board. He is a passionate sports fan and an avid chess and darts player, mainly because he enjoys throwing things at the wall. In addition, Eric is quite fond of Chipotle and drinking espressos; they keep him alive just enough to reach the weekend. Feel free to talk to Eric about anything sports-related or invite him to a chess or darts game.

Eric Tang

Fatima Sharipova is a Life Writer for the Reckoner. She is currently a senior. Believe it or not, she is actually extroverted—she loves to talk and meet new people, although you probably won’t catch her doing it. Lately, you can find her catching up on schoolwork on the bus, at bus stops, and on the streets on Saturdays. She will try to find a library to camp at between shifts moving forward. Hide your cultures, look both ways before you cross the street (she might be behind the wheel), and please go skating with her immediately.

Fatima Sharipova

Flora Chen is a member of the Life board at The Reckoner. She is currently attending Grade 11 at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. During her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and rewatching Brooklyn 99. Her achievements include being able to do three non-consecutive pushups, knowing how to spell the word "sincerely", and making it through the entire Shrek 2 movie without weeping. Flora is, quite ironically, probably allergic to flowers.

Flora Chen

Gavin Xue is a writer for the Significant Digits Board at The Reckoner. He plays the piano, which is his go-to fact about himself for introductions, along with getting separated from his parents on a subway in China. When not chipping away at work, you’ll find him surfing the web, playing games, writing, and of course, regretting not doing the work.

Gavin Xue

Grace is a Grade 10 member of the Significant Digits Board at The Reckoner’s Eleventh Guard. She spends her free time browsing YouTube, hoping to be the first to view a Mark Rober video, and annoying people shorter than her (her sisters). Grace enjoys riding TTC buses with seats, though such an occurrence is quite rare these days. She should stop procrastinating on writing an ending for her Reckoner biography...

Grace Pu

She has been told countless times that she has questionable music taste. However, she will continue to listen to her weird music choices. She should probably get a life instead of playing cookie clicker all day.

Grace Zhu

Hannah Xu is a 9th grade artist for The Reckoner's Life Board. An average day in the life of Hannah includes eating, breathing, and reading manga. She loves sleeping but tends to deprive herself of it to do other things. In addition, handing in assignments late is a key point to her lifestyle; her time management is just on fleek. A big hobby of Hannah's is playing Gamepidgeon word games—send her one and she will love you forever. Of course, that's only if she wins.

Hannah Xu

Hateem Fatima is a writer for the Life Board. During her free time, she likes to watch videos of true crime. She's always fascinated by the criminal mind. Anyway, if you ever see her at school, don't be shy to say hi!

Hateem Fatima

Helen is a grade 10 photographer for The Reckoner and your local genshin addict. In her free time, you can catch her staring at her phone, lost in a game of Genshin Impact, or scrolling through Instagram and looking at her beloved Hamilton memes. Contrary to popular belief, she actually does do work, albeit with a lot of procrastination, and occasionally finishes it. As for what happens to the work she doesn’t one dares question the ashes that float through the sky at night.

Helen Lin

Helen Sun is an Illustrator at The Reckoner. She loves the colour yellow, bridge, astronomy, podcasts, pop art, and book prose. She can be found fooling around with the motion blur functions in her art program instead of actually working on the piece. Her current concern: everyone around her has god-like handwriting and she desperately wants in.

Helen Sun

Hiba Mulla Is an illustrator for The Reckoner. She loves to draw a lot. If you ever look at her homework, that's probably all you’ll ever see. If she’s not drawing you can find her playing games, binging an anime series, or running away from homework. She really likes sports such as volleyball, soccer, and karate. Otherwise she can be found procrastinating on assignments and homework. She’s unsure about the future but knows she wants to do something with art.

Hiba Mulla

Iffat Iqbal is a Grade 9 student at MGCI. He also happens to be a a member of the Editorial Board. He is normally found procrastinating, producing blood cells, breathing, and contemplating the meaning of life! His favourite animal is the chimpanzee and he dislikes the concept behind chocolate cake.

Iffat Iqbal

Iris is a writer for the News and Significant Digits boards this year. Accompanied by her signature banana bucket hat, you can often find her rambling on about some nonsense or babbling incoherently. She is best known for her unhealthy obsession over cookies and ramen, as well as an undying passion to become an infamous mafia boss. When talking to her, you may notice that she wiggles about frequently and seems to be incapable of pronouncing common vocabulary terms (resulting in a series of random noises).

Iris Ma

Ivy is a Grade 9 student at MGCI, and she is part of the Illustrations Board here at The Reckoner. She likes to travel, sleep for 12 hours straight, draw, and read science articles in her free time. She is an advocate of pineapple on pizza and has visited a Michelin star restaurant in Taormina, Italy. Her number one life goal is finding a job at the intersection of visual arts and sciences, as well as expediting technological development in the future. She is currently hoping to live through 11th grade math and physics before pursuing said goal.

Ivy Liu

James Zhang is a Grade 9 student who was bored and decided to join Significant Digits and The Reckoner so he can do stuff. Life is quite boring for him. All he does is wake up, go to school, do work, eat, and sleep. He wishes that time could slow down so he has time do all his favourite activities, of which there are too many. Some of his include playing instruments, fiddling with technology, and doing lots of work. The internet is his source of life and without it, he would probably go insane.

James Zhang

Javeria Sajid is a writer for the Life Board at the Reckoner. She’s addicted to reading and you’ll always find her with a book, even when she has a hundred other things to do. When she’s not reading, she chooses to spend her time by baking delicious treats, eating them, and lazing about. Her mind is a jumble of random thoughts and worlds. Pages upon pages of notes, ideas, and one-sentence drafts waiting to be let out in a flurry of repressed potential, which she then translates into written pieces.

Javeria Sajid

Jeremy is an open and caring person. He finds joy in various activities such as flexing his typing speed (which he makes sure that everybody knows about), playing video games, and sleeping in late. Most importantly, he values conversations with friends that sprinkle happiness throughout the day. An avid technology user, you can find him at his computer for the majority of his waking hours, practicing the art of self-deception. He tries his hardest to convince himself of his efforts when in reality, he is merely practicing the persuasive art of procrastination.

Jeremy Dai

Jerry Hong is a Life writer for The Reckoner. His favorite sport is badminton and when he's not doing homework, he likes playing chess. He has also been playing piano for many years and enjoys practicing his pieces after school.

Jerry Hong

Here’s Jessica Sun, a 9th grade Outreach member. She swims, watches documentaries and attends all kinds of meetings every week. But when she’s not doing that and her friends can’t be bothered, she often makes copies of shared files just to sort them in her Drive. She’s created email categories she might need in future grades. It’s not that Jessica’s organized, she just has to make herself busy when she’s not. The only thing she’d never have time to do is edit her typos in a text—no, too busy for that. You’re good friends now, call her Jess.

Jessica Sun

Josh is a grade 9 writer for the Editorial and SigDig boards. He enjoys travelling, writing, and complaining about life to his friends. Cilantro and math are his two worst enemies, and at this point in life procrastination is pretty much his hobby. In his spare time, you can find him napping, catching the latest movie, or mindlessly wandering around downtown. He likes downtown maybe just a little bit too much.

Joshua Zhuang

Julia Shen is a member of the Reckoner’s Print Development Board. She loves eating snacks, listening to music, and power-napping on every car ride possible. If she’s not busy questioning some aspect of her life (her wack music taste being the latest cause for concern) while stress-folding cranes (the only origami she knows how to make), she’s probably lamenting her lack of progress in her quest to catch up on all the anime she promised to binge. Family, friends, and plushies are the loves of her life, though she often struggles to express her appreciation for the first two.

Julia Shen

Justin Wei is a photographer and writes some Significant Digits. Other than photography, he enjoys snowboarding, playing video games, or the classical guitar. Justin enjoys waking up early, but gets nothing done. You will see Justin riding his bike, talking to his friends, reading science fiction, or watching Youtube during his free time.

Justin Wei

He/Him. Honour level 5 :DDD. This entire bio is ad space so hit me up and I'll cut you a deal. Z̳o̳o̳m̳e̳r̳. Writer for the preeminent Life Board. Underground idealist. Peaked at challenger 2 in CR. Kind of a big deal. Past prime weeb. If you need to contact me, call (416) 439-000 if it's because I'm in trouble. Ask Merrick or Ada if otherwise.

Kenny Zheng

Laksha Sivakumar is a dedicated ninth-grade student from Toronto, Canada. She was the recipient of the Science Award when she graduated elementary and the Academic Award when she completed middle school. Her dreams lived upon the stars since she was a child, which piqued her interest in astronomy. She aspires to work for the Canadian Space Agency. Along with her interest in STEM, she enjoys writing her life events, with each stage in a separate volume and play basketball. Overall, she is a well-rounded and goal-oriented individual who is delighted to work with The Reckoner's Editorial Board.

Laksha Sivakumar

Leah’s a member of Outreach. She’s a manic pixie dream girl without the manic, pixie and dream parts. She’s unfortunately in Gr. 10. True lover of night time photos and sunrise acro-yoga sessions. She prefers dawn but admits that dusk is a prettier word. Hit her up if you want to talk about fashion, baking, chemistry, sports or pretty girls. Win her over using flattery.

Leah Huang

Lillian Li is a Grade 9 News Board writer and member of the Outreach Board for The Reckoner. She spends the majority of her time acting meticulous and indecisive, including pondering about what she should write in this biography. When she’s not checking over every last detail in her work before submission, you can find her zoned out in a book, researching the most absurd topics, or discussing the frustrations of school with her friends—primarily the fact that she is unable to navigate MGCI’s hallways.

Lillian Li

Lisa is a writer for the life board as well as an outreach member. She can usually be found procrastinating (as is demonstrated by this last minute bio) and simultaneously complaining about her “lack of time” in the same conversation. Efficiency right? When she manages to salvage some free time that is not used to watch too much youtube, you can find her chugging questionable amounts of bubble tea for the sugar rush and just because. (Why does caffeine tolerance exist?) Or reading fantasy and only fantasy books while binging every Alec Benjamin song possible.

Lisa Zhang

Luck is a grade 9 writer for the Life and Editorial boards with a great talent in time management, submitting his work on an average of four seconds before the due date. He enjoys torturing himself with math and fissiks as a side hobby and can’t stop talking about how hot and curvy sine functions are. He has a cat and a furry Instagram page—the cat’s cute, though. And as a licensed iMessage games addict, he will bet his life on eight ball. But please, don’t send him any word games; he will literally cry.

Luck Xing

Lucy is a grade 11 Life artist and illustrator at the Reckoner. During her free time, you can find her playing volleyball, sleeping on her piano, doing karate, and drawing! Her goal for this year is to try to sleep at least 6 hours a day and procrastinate less, which is why she is submitting her bio 2 weeks early.

Lucy Qi

Maggie is a grade 10 writer for the Life and Editorial boards. Some of her hobbies include being in the middle of reading several books at a time, making an embarrassing amount of calculation mistakes, badgering her friends with her extremely excellent marketing skills, and muttering about classes on the third floor because she doesn't exercise. Despite her ability to memorize useless information on Sporcle, she has a tendency to forget what she's talking about halfway through a sentence. She kind of wants her bio to be exactly 100 words, so here’s another sentence. She is very sane, she promises.

Maggie Pang

Mahyar Yousefzadeh is a member of MGCI Reckoner's Web board. At school, he can be seen reading, scrolling through reading, or listening to music. He can also be seen outside of school in parks and on trails, admiring the nature around him. Occasionally, he also spends time sitting about with friends and family to binge tv shows or to talk about local gossip. Mahyar also loves to try to find beauty in the little things in life, like finding special edition quarters and pretty patterns in walls.

Mahyar Yousefzadeh

Max is an illustrator who picked up his interest in art the same time his peers dropped it. You can often find him clicking his keyboard to the beat of Japanese songs by hovering over RedcXca#4332. He has not taken a selfie since grade 10 but if you see a short man with long hair holding a hotdog and a Pepsi cup at lunch, that is him. He will give you a :thumbsup: and quickly run to his next class.

Max Lu

Michael is a writer for the Significant Digits Board.

Michael Yang

Miranda Zhao is a grade 11 student at MGCI, and Sig Digs writer for The Reckoner. When she is not sleeping, she's probably eating. And that's pretty much it. That's all she does. 🙂

Miranda Zhao

Nishtha Patel is a Grade 11 student part of the Editorial and Outreach boards on The Reckoner this year. Over quarantine, she has found a greater appreciation for journalism which is what drew her to The Reckoner. When she isn’t reading a book, she is imagining herself in the book because she has several complaints about reality. Nishtha loves to play sports or do outdoor activities but can also be found finishing 18 season-long shows within days. She has immaculate music taste so feel free to reach out any time for recommendations...she is very friendly! Screen reader support enabled.

Nishtha Patel

Nuha Samen is a grade 10 student and is a part of the Print Development Board at The Reckoner. At school, she loves learning about space and computers. In her free time, Nuha is either baking, listening to true crime podcasts, or redecorating her room for the 30080126th time. She is also willing to sell her soul for a British Shorthair Cat (preferably with a British accent). <3

Nuha Samen

Oriana is a grade 9 student who is trying to live her best life. Since being accepted into The Reckoner, she has ended up as a writer for the News and Editorial boards, as well as an artist for the Life Board. Oriana enjoys drawing, reading or going for a walk/run around the neighbourhood. Oriana can be found procrastinating at work or talking with friends. In her free time, Oriana enjoys going to sleep early, because she strives for 10 hours of sleep.

Oriana Zhou

Paromita’s sleeping habits parallel to her procrastination. You can spot Paromita in the hallways of Garneau looking tired and uncoordinated, although chances are you won’t be able to, since she always manages to get lost in the most obscure corners of the school. There isn’t much else to say about her except the fact that she likes to laugh at the little things (especially herself), and send gifs of falling babies to any and all of her friends. Life’s a highway, and she’s gonna ride it all night long.

Paromita Roy

Patricia is a grade 9 student at MGCI who is a part of the Outreach Board and the Editorial Board! She loves fashion, plants, social activism, and journalism. Math is the antithesis of everything she enjoys. She largely credits her borderline caffeine addiction for getting work done!

Patricia Zhang

Paul is an avid grade 10 student and returning writer for the Eleventh Guard Reckoner’s Editorial Board. He is excited to be back at school and hopes COVID will end soon. A good thing to know about Paul is that he really likes food. Oh yeah and writing too. He can be found socializing or looking out a window somewhere, contemplating his life choices.

Paul Shur

Rain Yeyang is a grade 11 student. She is not good at writing bios.

Rain Yeyang

Rand Alahmad, professional bodybuilder.

Rand Alahmad

Ray is a human being who is trying to learn how to properly manage time. Ray is in grade 11, and is part of the print and news boards. You should wave to Ray in the hallways. Ray likes indie pop music and classical/instrumental music. Ray also likes hugs, but COVID is a thing. Ray can usually be found hovering around several friend groups at the same time, as Ray cannot decide who to talk to.

Ray Hang

Rena is a grade 12 student at MGCI and a senior news writer for The Reckoner. Her hobbies include vibing to music, sleeping (read: not getting enough sleep), reading, playing games, and procrastinating. You can probably find her suffering from math, physics, or chemistry on a regular basis.

Rena Liu

Richard Zhu is a grade 12 student at Marc Garneau. He loves his bed, but rarely ever gets to sleep in it for more than 5 hours each night. He also loves his backpack, for that is where he puts his belongings. Last but not least, he loves his clothes, so much so that he wears them almost every day.

Richard Zhu

Saivenkat Jilla is part of the Web Development Board of The Reckoner. He is a Grade 11 student in the TOPS program. His pastimes include gaming, reading, swimming and playing tennis. He hopes to get a proper sleep schedule and improve his handwriting (perhaps someday…). You can usually find him stressing over some aspect of his marks or running to his next class.

Saivenkat Jilla

Sam is a writer in the Reckoner—at least for now. As a niner, he utilizes his abundance of free time on any, and everything that could be related to debate. If he isn't pondering and strategically planning his next argument, he will have an economist article at hand, deep in thought. He tries to fill his schedule with a healthy proportion of productive work, but... You'll find him wandering the halls chatting with his friends about basketball, games, and test results because he has nothing better to do, so come say hi if you see him.

Sam Li

Samara is a Grade 10 illustrator for The Reckoner. In her free time, she enjoys biking, binge watching anime and overplanning every aspect of her life. At night she avoids sleep at all costs, often chilling to Spotify, scramming to finish work due in a few hours (such as this biography), procrastinating even more or talking to her friends on Discord, frequently doing all 4 at the same time.

Samara Rahman

Samaya Sadiq is a Life Writer for The Reckoner. She is mostly procrastinating and stressing over everything at the same time. She enjoys baking, but only when no one is in the kitchen bothering her, reading and talking to her online friends. Recently, all she's been doing is obsessing over Harry Styles's love on tour outfits and being jealous of everyone who gets to see him live.

Samaya Sadiq

Selvahini Kamalarajan is a grade 10 student at Marc Garneau CI. Her hobbies include playing the keyboard, reading and browsing the dark depths of the internet. She is obsessed with the crash course philosophy series and searches up random things in her free time. Selvahini often ponders about the existence of extraterrestrial life and contemplates her life choices. On the rare occasion where she isn’t having an existential crisis, you can probably catch her being busy doing nothing. Selvahini hopes to achieve clarity in her life and know the answer to why her name autocorrects to “selvamani” on google docs.

Selvahini Kamalarajan

Sonia Ravindran is a Grade 9 student at MGCI who is part of the Illustrations Board at The Reckoner. Her interest involves spending her time drawing and listening to music. Although she procrastinates quite often due to her addiction to Webtoons and K-Pop, she is a hard worker who tries her very best to accomplish her goals. Sonia hopes to find her passion in the future along with figuring out how to stop being sleepy. If you do see her, she is probably staring at nothing or freaking out and laughing maniacally since she’s overdramatic at times.

Sonia Ravindran

Sophie is a member of the Reckoner's Print Development team. Her hobbies include reading, winning, getting free stuff, attempts at photography, playing games, listening to music, watching movies and shows, playing sports, and hanging out with family and friends. She also enjoys exploring the outside world, creating new experiences, and trying new things—the source of her long list of pastimes.

Sophie Yee

Stephanie Chan is a Grade 10 student and a photographer for The Reckoner. In her free time, she can often be found listening to music on Spotify, talking with her friends, including many one-sided conversations about musicals, or going on runs in -10° weather. She also loves playing with her cousin’s dog, being immersed in nature, and taking ridiculous amounts of photos of nearly everything that may be even vaguely considered to be interesting. Stephanie loves meeting new people, so feel free to say hi!

Stephanie Chan

Stephie Liu is an author for the News Board at The Reckoner. She is currently in Grade 11. Her hobbies include reading, playing Genshin Impact, and getting depressed while pondering her existence. She enjoys sleeping in chairs, sketching, binge-reading at two in the morning, jamming to electronic dance music, eating midnight snacks, and writing random short stories. You can usually find her stressing about her marks and assignments. She loves talking to others and making friends!

Stephie Liu

Vicky Wen is a grade 11 student and member of the Outreach and Editorial boards. She's currently wondering how much it costs to buy a Korean corndog every day for lunch, and if her bank account could handle the hit. If they're not dying their hair, they're trying not to lose a bet about when they're next going to dye their hair.

Vicky Wen

Vivien Xiang is a grade 11 Life Board writer for the Reckoner. Her hobbies are writing fanfiction, drawing fanart, and thinking about alternate universes. She spends most of her time doing and / or procrastinating on schoolwork while listening to music. Her life goal is to figure out what life goals are and how to get them.

Vivien Xiang

Wenzhao is a grade 11 student at Marc Garneau CI, and a member of the Outreach and Editorial boards. In his spare time, he likes to play basketball, destroy people at iMessage games, and annoy his friends. When he isn't doing any of these, he is probably procrastinating or listening to his Spotify liked songs on shuffle (or both). Please feel free to reach out to him anytime, he loves making new friends!

Wenzhao Pan

Yolanda is a huge addict to candy and anything with sugar in it. If she is not found stealing candy, she is probably fawning over cats or reading a manhwa, often forgetting she has a big project due the day after. Her favorite hobby is reading, writing, and of course, procrastinating. The only sport she plays is a very high-skilled, cutthroat, competitive sport called cramming. Despite this, she still finds time in the middle of her cramming sessions to eat a candy. Or two. By the way, do you happen to have a candy you can spare?

Yolanda Zhou

Yusra Mukhtar is a writer for The Reckoner. She loves to read, write, and eat. She’s someone who gets too emotionally invested in books and the different worlds authors create. More than half of her conversations are about books, and once she starts, you won’t be able to get her to stop. Yusra can’t help but procrastinate when it comes to work, no matter how guilty she feels afterward

Yusra Mukhtar

While many may say Zahra's sarcasm is the only humor she has, she seems to have a lot more in store. Writing is her way of expression and the vision she has of the world. It's where words just perfectly melt together in a beautiful creation of art. She's glad to be a part of the Life Board, hoping her words will be heard, and most importantly, touch the hearts of many others.

Zahra Suhail

Zixuan is a writer for the Life Board at the Eleventh Guard! She writes free verse or rhyming poetry, usually in sporadic and peculiar ways, which you can find more of on her DeviantArt (zizi-doodles). In her spare time, she draws, reads, plays video games, and enjoys shouting excitedly with her friends.

Zixuan Xu