The Reckoner is the award-winning student newspaper of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. During the school year, The Reckoner publishes regularly on its website and produces printed newspapers which are distributed to the school community. The organization is comprised entirely of dedicated student volunteers: some of the best writers, artists, photographers, designers, and developers of the school. In 2016, the organization was named Ontario’s Best High School Electronic Newspaper and Ontario’s Best High School Volunteer Newspaper by the Toronto Star. The Reckoner has also received other awards since then. To view the previous guards, click the links below:

Eleventh Guard (2021 – 2022)

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Fifth Guard (2015 – 2016)   |   Fourth Guard (2014 – 2015)   |   Third Guard (2013 – 2014)   |   Second Guard (2012 – 2013)   |   First Guard (2011 – 2012)

Allyson Wu is a Grade 12 student and the Editor in Chief of the Twelfth Guard. She's in love with summer, and has spent this past one travelling, gaming, and wondering when her pink hair is finally going to fade. Other than that, Allyson can usually be found downloading songs off her extensive Spotify playlists, taking photos of her friends, and constantly running out of phone storage. It feels like there's some sort of correlation between those three things, but she hasn't figured it out yet.

Allyson Wu


Zahra Ahmed is a Grade 12 student and the News Manager for The Reckoner. If she's not sipping coffee during the school day, she's probably planning her next coffee run. She usually complains about having too much work', or the opposite, having absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes, both at the same time. She takes pride in having taken a selfie with a llama, her obsession with to-do lists, and laughing uncontrollably.

Zahra Ahmed

News Manager Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Li is a grade twelve student neck-deep in nonsense and daydreams. She's spent the past nine years of her life dedicating all of her time and energy to her novel series in-planning "CDP" and has essentially merged her soul with the thing. She landed herself as the Life Manager for the Reckoner by disguising the CDP as content. When she's not drafting up character arcs, rewriting physics, or finding increasingly creative ways to work around residual plotholes from Grade 2, she's... still thinking about the CDP. Seriously dude, get a hobby.

Sarah Li

Life Manager

Amy Jia is the Editorial Manager for The Reckoner. This is her fourth year on The Reckoner now, but the only part of her that has changed is her height (it has increased). If you like bubble tea, books, or food then you know you definitely have something in common with her. She loves making new friends, so don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation!

Amy Jia

Editorial Manager

Angela Xu is the photography manager for the Reckoner. As the professional procrastinator that she is, she enjoys many activities including soccer, word hunt, thrifting, and drinking bubble tea, all of which she did while putting off writing this bio.

Angela Xu

Photography Manager

Lucy is the Illustrations Manager of the Eleventh Guard. She enjoys volleyball, piano, art, and karate. She aspires to become more fluent in Mandarin and sleep earlier.

Lucy Qi

Illustrations Manager

Carrie Jiang is the Outreach Manager at The Reckoner. She loves cats, watching sunrises and sunsets, listening to music, and sleeping. She also loves exercising, especially running (away from her problems).

Carrie Jiang

Outreach Manager

Anthony loves breaking things, so they decided to make him Web Manager. When he's not sleeping, he's either opening doors that shouldn't be opened or playing Minecraft. He can be found repeatedly driving 140-pound robots into load-bearing walls in 102, because he firmly believes that the undamaged robot is not worth driving. You can bribe him with dark chocolate should you ever need to.

Anthony Chen

Web Manager

Ray is in grade 12 now. Ray is also now the Print Manager of The Reckoner. Ray is pleasantly surprised by this definitely unexpected turn of events. Ray is probably a member of the species homo sapiens and will be pleasantly delighted if you treat Ray as a member of this species. Ray will gladly strike up a conversation if you wish, on basically any topic you want, so please go say hi to Ray. Ray can be found browsing the subreddit HFY and reading random stuff on the internet. Ray wants more friends, go be Ray's friend. Beep Boop.

Ray Hang

Print Manager

"Aamena Koya is a grade 11 student. If shes not chugging her iced coffee shes probably dreaming about getting one. In her free time she is listening to podcasts, lifting at the gym, and reading books. Besides stressing about school she works on personal development and growing her bank account 🙂 "

Aamena Koya

"Aishani is the third-shortest person in Grade 11, anyone who tells you otherwise (perhaps people whose names start with M or H) are LYING. She enjoys looking for hiding spiders so that she can run away from that room immediately, and stubbing her foot in every sharp corner she doesn't notice. "

Aishani Indu

"Akshaya Varakunan is a Grade 12 student and member of the Life Board. As you are reading this, there is a 50% chance she is playing Word Blitz. "

Akshaya Varakunan

"Allan is a Grade 12 at MGCI. He enjoys taking photos of his friends. Check his photos out on his Instagram at @allan.liphotos. He is so excited to be a part of the Reckoner this year. "

Allan Li

"Alvin Young is writer and artist for the Life Board. He likes to draw and write (shocking!), play tennis, and dream. Dreams are a fascinating thing to him, and perhaps one day he'll discover one in real life. "

Alvin Young

"Amy Long has not a single intelligent thought behind those eyes. "

Amy Long

"Andrew Chen is a grade 10 student at MGCI trying his best... He enjoys playing sports, listening to music, talking to friends and not worrying about tests. He loves meeting new people, writing stories and capturing life in the little things. Say hi to him around the halls! "

Andrew Chen

"Andrew Xu is a Grade 11 writer for the Editorial Board. Some of his hobbies include playing chess and poker. He is fluent in English and Mandarin but not French. "

Andrew Xu

"Andy is a part-time tenner and a full-time idiot. Sometimes, he’s also a writer in editorial and news. Most of the time, he can be found performing a magic trick - making his free time vanish. He aspires to aspire, and to reach 6 feet (the only thing preventing him is the ruler you measure with !) "

Andy Sun

"Anjali is a Grade 9 student at MGCI. She's most often found with her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. She loves dogs, the color purple, singing, and a billion other unrelated things. She loves making friends so reach out to her anytime! "

Anjali Gupta

"Anne is a Grade 11 writer for the News board. Some of her hobbies include reading, running, and listening to music. "

Anne Liu

"Annie is a 12th grade writer for the Life Board. She enjoys browsing Pinterest boards and online stores, jotting down poem ideas she’ll never write, and stockpiling blackmail photos of her friends. If anyone wants to cry together to Taylor Swift’s discography, she urges you to reach out. "

Annie Xiong

"Arabhi is a grade 12 student and is excited to work with the Reckoner. She's a music enthusiast - especially for The Weeknd - and loves anything to do with the sky such as sunsets, constellations, and rain. Her favourite show is Brooklyn 99 which she intends to rewatch after submitting this bio. "

Arabhi Kulamurugan

"Caroline Cheng is a Grade 11 member of the Print Development Board at The Reckoner. In her free time, she loves reading, and watching YouTube and anime. She makes it through high school by enjoying the little things in life, like drinking Nestea and listening to Spotify. "

Caroline Cheng

"Chang is a grade 10 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Insitute, a member of both the Editorial and Outreach Board. Whether it's scrawling down the strings of incoherency he considers writing or fumbling around attempting to finish all of his work, he's constantly in a state of entropic shock. "

Chang Chang Li

"Colleen Chang is a member of the Reckoner’s illustration board. She enjoys walking through neighborhoods, figure drawing, and finding cool movies that she keeps telling herself she’ll “watch later.” She hopes to one day improve her slow typing speed and become a professional illustrator. "

Colleen Chang

"Corey is an editorial board writer. He is the definition of a mess. A glance at his binder reveals all you need to know. A few bad habits along with his disorganized lifestyle makes a prime recipe for landing him in hot water. However, he thinks his quirky way of life isn't all bad and that’s fair. "

Corey Dai

"Daniel is the worst photographer to exist. He has a crippling addiction to nestea that you can abuse if you want him to get work done. Daniel likes to play clash royale in every class he can until his mark drops below 40. Don't be like Daniel. "

Daniel Fan

"Donna started following you. "

Donna Zhang

"Dustin likes Starbucks. He also finds difficulty in straining his neck down to talk to anyone below 165cm. "

Dustin Xu

"Eileen is a 10th grade Editorial writer for The Reckoner. She likes to play painful sports, solve painful problems, as well as find any excuse to use painfully particular diction. She hopes to someday achieve healthy posture and wake up at her first alarm of five. "

Eileen Kuang

" Elizabeth is an artist for the Life board. She is in grade 11 and enjoys listening to music while coming up with different concepts for their art. She looks forward to working with the Life board and is grateful for a reason to neglect their sleep schedule and draw late into the night. "

Elizabeth Wei

"Elliot is a grade 12 student and a member of the print board at the Reckoner. "

Elliot Ngo

"Emily Liu is a grade 12 student and a long time member of the Life Board. She can usually be found playing Word Blitz or the NYT Crossword/Spelling Bee, when she's not busy on the grind. Feel free to say hi to her; she loves to meet people! "

Emily Liu

"Enoch He is a senior in the Web Development Board of The Reckoner. He is constantly battling procrastination every hour of the day, in high hopes of being productive. When Enoch is not worrying about his grades, he is wondering what he will be eating for his next meal. "

Enoch He

"Eric is a grade 11 student and a member of the print board. He loves playing darts; in fact, he is on Canada’s youth national team and is heading to Gibraltar in November to play in the junior world cup. Eric also fiddles with chess and enjoys gambling his luck in the never-ending war of poker. "

Eric Tang

"Flora is in the 12th grade and writes crosswords for The Reckoner. She enjoys reading, running, watching hockey, listening to Taylor Swift & Ella Fitzgerald, and staring very vainly at her own handwriting. "

Flora Chen

"Glenn Huang is a grade 9 student at MGCI and a member of the Print Development Board. He can usually be found listening to music with earbuds in and trying to avoid awkward social interactions. He enjoys playing piano and violin and scrolling through social media in his spare time. "

Glenn Huang

"Grace Pu is a grade 11 writer for the Significant Digits News Board. "

Grace Pu

"master procastinator "

Grace Zhu

"Grant is pro "

Grant Ou

"Han Fang is a Grade 11 member of The Reckoner's Web Development and Print Development Boards. You may find him walking fast in the halls, being clumsy, or (trying to) talk with his friends. He enjoys playing sports such as basketball and badminton, playing chess, and also procrastinates a fair bit. "

Han Fang

"Hania Ahmed is a Grade 9 student and an artist for the Life Board. Her hobbies are painting and reading. She is looking forward to making art for The Reckoner. She hopes that her artwork is admired by others. "

Hania Ahmed

"Hannah is a grade 10 artist for Life Board, & loves travelling, going to amusement parks, and shopping. "

Hannah Xu

"Ivy is a Grade 10 student at MGCI, and she is part of the Illustrations Board here at The Reckoner. She likes to travel, sleep for 12 hours straight, draw, and reread What If? by Randall Munroe for the 60th time (she should probably get the sequel already). "

Ivy Liu

"Jeremy is in Grade 11, which means that he gets all the privileges of being in the older half of high school: Working until 2 am to finish projects, bossing niners and tenners around, and chatting anyone up in the halls. Unfortunately, he has not escaped being a corporate slave to high marks. "

Jeremy Dai

"Jerry Hong is a grade 10 student at MGCI. He is a Life writer and Significant Digits writer for the Reckoner. He enjoys travelling, writing, and playing the piano. In his spare time, you can find him napping, reading, and frantically studying for school. "

Jerry Hong

"Jessica Sun is back on Outreach because she loved it so much last year! She enjoys her life and enjoys the world. She hopes to get more orange clothes and spare more time to sit in trees. "

Jessica Sun

"Justin is tired a lot of the time. He tries to complete tasks and run photography club, but most of the time he just wants to lie down and do nothing. When he has energy, he likes to explore the neighbourhood on his bike, scouting out picturesque locations and judging infrastructure. "

Justin Wei

"Yo you can find me at the back of the Wendy's in the dumpster, everyone who lived here left months ago for some reason. Here's my contact info: 416-492-0000 "

Kenny Zheng

"With over 20,000 photos in her camera roll, Komal captures a photo in any moment. Grateful to be accepted into the Reckoner photography board, shes ready to capture a photo for any moment. "

Komal Dagar

"Lillian Li is a Grade 10 News Board writer and member of the Outreach Board in The Reckoner. She spends the majority of her time acting indecisive, running away from anyone discussing answers after a test, and getting lost at lunch (or trying and failing to use MGCI's bathroom sinks). "

Lillian Li

"Lisa is a writer for the life board. She can usually be found procrastinating and complaining about her “lack of time” in the same sentence. When she manages to salvage free time, you can find her chugging questionable amounts of bubble tea for the sugar rush or binging every Noah Kahan song ever. "

Lisa Zhang

"Hello, this person is a g11 writer for the life board. She was so excited to distance herself from her last year's bio, but recently read it and realised she really hasn't changed. So she will instead use this space to tell you she can be found every Friday lunch in room 307 at bridge club. "

Maggie Pang

"Mahyar Yousefzadeh is a member of MGCI Reckoner's Web board. At school, he can be seen reading, scrolling through reading, or listening to music. He can also be seen outside of school in parks and on trails, admiring the nature around him. "

Mahyar Yousefzadeh

"Mana Kheirkhah is a new grade 9 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. She is a studious and creative person with a wide range of interests including writing, sports, and music. Some things she especially enjoys doing include hanging out with friends, listening to music, and reading. "

Mana Kheirkhah

"Maxim Mohareb is a MGCI Editorial and News Board reporter in Grade 9, who joined as of the 2022-2023 school year. In his free time, he enjoys reading and solving puzzles. Maxim is grateful to be part of Reckoner’s staff and hopes to contribute his all to furthering MGCI’s very own school newspaper. "

Maxim Mohareb

"Miranda; 12th grader, editorial board. She is concise. (but mostly just lazy) "

Miranda Zhao

"Nevetha is a grade 9 student and a member of the News and Outreach Boards. She enjoys going on bike rides, complaining about traffic, and watching reality shows. You'll find her playing some song, on repeat to avoid Spotify ads, for hours at a time. "

Nevetha Arullinkam

"Omar Memon is a Grade 12 student at MGCI. He is passionate about reading, and math, and loves to complain about anything he can find to complain about. When he is not having an existential crisis, he is surprisingly fun! Feel free to reach out to him on Instagram at @omarsnotokay! "

Omar Memon

"Oriana is a member of the print and editorial board. In her free time, you can find her procrastinating on everything, reading, drawing, or talking about homework. "

Oriana Zhou

"Paromita Roy is a writer on the Editorial Board. In her free time, she enjoys writing, music, and crying about how much she loves the band TXT. You'll find her in the halls running between meetings, or being chased by her friends who insist on calling out her full name every time they see her. "

Paromita Roy

"Patricia Zhang is a grade 10 student who likes philosophy, photography, and fashion. "

Patricia Zhang

"Paul's not only learned lots about writing (ab and c are the first 3 letters of the alphabet) but he's also learned much about himself, and had life changing experiences thanks to the Reckoner. Paul's excited to work with you all this year and see you grow and change. Lots of ROVE (creds to alisan) "

Paul Shur

"Raheemah is a Grade 12 student & what most might consider an old soul. She loves books, baking, movies, cats, & more. A night owl & procrastinator by nature, she's often running on sleep (but aren’t we all?). She’s a little quiet, but loves meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to say hi! "

Raheemah Patel

"Richard Xiong is a Grade 9 photographer at the Reckoner. His routine for success is Discord modding for the day and starting assignments at 1 am. He enjoys playing the violin, speedcubing, being clownish, and annoying people online. Although he is short, he has a very good personality!! "

Richard Xiong

"Rida is a member of the Print Development Board at The Reckoner. Rida enjoys skating, reading, and travelling. When she's not scrolling through subreddits or playing music on repeat, she's drowning in a never-ending stream of sorrow. She truly can do it all! "

Rida Manjoo

"Sai is a Grade 12 student in the TOPS program whose pastimes include gaming, swimming, and watching Youtube videos. He hopes to get a proper sleep schedule (never ask him when he slept—you don’t want to know) and improve his handwriting. You can usually find him running to his next class. "

Saivenkat Jilla

"Sam is a writer on the Reckoner—at least for now. He uses his limited free time on any, and everything related to debate. You'll find him wandering the halls chatting with his friends about basketball, games, and test results because he has nothing better to do, so come say hi if you see him. "

Sam Li

"Born at a very young age, Shiloh is a grade 10 student who is part now of the Illustrations board. In her free time, she sometimes plays idle games and always does nothing. "

Shiloh Zheng

"Soha Sakhiani is a grade 10 student who joined the Reckoner to live the Rory Gilmore aesthetic. When Soha’s not reading, binging Netflix shows, or stress baking she’s doing nothing because that’s all she really does. Despite that, she still manages to retain some sense of humour and social skills. "

Soha Sakhiani

"Sonia is a Grade 10 illustrator at the Reckoner. She enjoys spending her time drawing and listening to music. She hopes to find her passion through high school along with figuring out how to stop being sleepy. You can either find her overthinking or being overdramatic. "

Sonia Ravindran

"Sophie is a member of the Reckoner's Print Development team. Her hobbies include reading, winning, getting free stuff, playing games, listening to music, running, and hanging out with family and friends. She will shower you with praise if you present her with anything IKEA, sushi, or bubble tea! "

Sophie Yee

"Stephanie Chan is a Grade 11 student and a photographer for the Reckoner. She’s an avid fan of winter runs and can often be found listening to music or taking pictures of her friends. Her talents include being able to name a Taylor Swift song within 10 seconds and sending indecipherable texts. "

Stephanie Chan

"Stephie Liu is an author for the News Board. She is currently in Grade 12. Her hobbies include reading and gaming (occasionally). She also enjoys sleeping, sketching, listening to music, eating midnight snacks, and writing random short stories. She loves talking to others and making friends! "

Stephie Liu

"Sumit Paul is a member of the Editorial Board at The Reckoner. "

Sumit Paul

"Susannah is a grade 9 writer for the Editorial and News boards. She has mastered the art of procrastination, and lives her entire life at least three hours behind schedule. She spends her time enjoying her eclectic mix of hobbies, and wondering what she's going to do with the rest of her life. "

Susannah Welke

"Syeda Sadaf Jaffary is a passionate artist who’s a part of the illustrations board. She's hard working, and was encouraged to start drawing at a young age and has since been getting better. Sadaf dreams to one day inspire teenagers through her art as well as create a web-comic in the future. "

Syeda Sadaf Jaffary

"Tessa is a member of the Reckoner's outreach board. She is an avid reader and the smell of new books is her favourite thing in the world. She also enjoys baking and tends to make cookies as a procrastination technique. Science is her preferred area, specifically biology. "

Tessa Nitescu

"Tom Sharma is a grade 9 student of MGCI and a member of Outreach and Significant digits. He sleeps a mere 4 hours a night and is an expert in the art of doing every assignment the night before. He enjoys snowboarding, competitive programming, excessive studying and contemplating poor life choices. "

Tom Sharma

"Veronica is a Grade 9 writer for the Editorial board. She loves playing different sports (e.g. hockey and ultimate), and is constantly disappointed by Toronto sports teams. She has a side gig cat-sitting even though she is very allergic and is often found eating ice cream while watching the Leafs. "

Veronica Davey-Young

"Vicky Wen is a member of both the Outreach and Editorial boards. In their free time, they like to snap polaroids, have something mint on them at all times, and collect a horrendous amount of keychains. "

Vicky Wen

"Vivien Xiang is a grade 12 Life Board writer who's still surprised she made it this far. Her interests include thinking about murder, artificial intelligence, rhythm games, and uncomfortably large novels. If you say hi to her, she will say hi back and then promptly forget your existence. "

Vivien Xiang

"Yameen is part of the Web Development and Photography Boards for the Reckoner. He has been a life-long Arsenal fan, and is overjoyed to see them back on top of the Premier League. He is also very adamant on his music taste, and while quite basic, has convinced himself that it is superior to everyone else's. "

Yameen Aziz

"Yuewen is a grade 11 artist for the Life and Illustration Boards. In their free time, they like to draw, listen to music, worry, look at Tumblr, and go down the Wikipedia rabbit hole. They are constantly tired for no reason and look forward to procrastinating and making more art this year. "

Yuewen Gao

"Zaid is in grade 10 and is a member of the illustrations board. He enjoys drawing and has been drawing since birth. He also loves reading manga, listening to music and wandering around the city with his friends. He aspires to improve in art, to get good marks and to become a black belt in taekwondo. "

Zaid Azhar

"Zixuan is a writer for the Life Board of the Reckoner. She wants everybody reading this to know that tomorrow is a new day, and it'll all be okay! You can visit her blog at for more poetry and short pieces. "

Zixuan Xu