Mahan is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Reckoner. After growing up in the bungalows and libraries of Willowdale, he doesn’t know whether or not he can be called a “city kid”. He’s confused by that kind of thing. After thousands of hours on ski-racing pitches, he still doesn’t know if he’s a “skiing kid”, either. Liszt, Chopin and Satie way too late at night, but he doesn’t feel like a “piano kid”. Third year in a math-science program, but that doesn’t quite do it, either. For now, he’s happy just being “that kid”.

Mahan Nekoui

Co-Founder and EIC

Soheil. Sohail. Soheel. His name’s not the easiest way to remember him. It’s his crazy hair. Soheil’s not much of a reader or writer. He’s a co-founder and a developer at The Reckoner. He likes learning whenever it leads to creating. Most of the writing he’s done here is hidden behind every page. What he finds intriguing in all things digital is the human interaction aspect – things that make websites engaging.

Soheil Koushan

Co-Founder and Developer

Misia is an editor at The Reckoner. The only animal with an endoskeleton that she’s ever killed is a lake trout. Or maybe it was a whitefish. Species identification is not one of her strong points. Misia currently lives alone in the Ontario backwoods, and can occasionally be seen running about wearing nothing but a raccoon pelt. Her favourite movies include Harold and Maude, Mean Girls, Spinal tap, anything with Buster Keaton or Audrey Hepburn, and most of what the Cohen brothers have written/directed. Her favourite writers include Dr. Seuss, AA Milne, Charles Dickens, Thomas Pynchon, Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, Roger McGough, Michael Chabon, JD Salinger, herself; the list goes on.

Misia Robins


Kasra is an editor at The Reckoner. He likes basketball and rap. He also likes talking and writing and expressing his thoughts. He talks to himself a lot in his head. He’s kind of funny. He’s also sociable but in another way shy and awkward and quiet. He doesn’t really like science, but that’s funny because he’s in TOPS. He mainly likes the social sciences and the humanities. He also likes some forms of art. Movies, books, music… maybe even some visual art. He’s very organized and he’s a bit of a nerd too. He likes math, which isn’t funny because he’s in TOPS. That’s it.

Kasra Koushan



Annelise Kohler la la loves to write. When she’s not writing she’s swimming. And when she’s not swimming, she’s – let’s get real here, that’s all she’s ever doing. She’s excited about everything. EVERYTHING! From the moment she shoots out of bed in the morning, woken up by her happy pump up music, to the moment when someone tells her to calm the fuck down as she’s jumping up and down on the bleachers, to the moment she finally gets back into bed, dripping wet from the pool. She’s just super-dee-dooper and that’s all there is to it.

Annelise Kohler

Yancheng Lu is a writer and pretty picture drawer for The Reckoner. He is nice, kind, and courteous sometimes,but usually not. His dream is to become a ninja and he works super hard every other day to achieve his goal. Yancheng will try his hardest occasionally and strives to do the best, maybe. He hopes you like his work and looks forward to hearing what you guys think. When not writing or drawing pictures, Yancheng Lu resides on his ranch in Tennessee and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.

Yancheng Lu

The year was 1996. The weather was bright and sunny. An expectant mother was purchasing a camera. That was the moment that Alie Teachman chose to make her entrance into the world. She came out pink, screaming and knowing that all she wanted in life was a puppy. Thus, she spent the first ten years of her existence petitioning her parents and bombarding them with low quality PowerPoints. It was only once she had attained a dog of her very own that she began to develop other interests. She started to play instruments and sports. She learned how to play hide and seek and climb trees. All in all, she had your average childhood.

Alie Teachman

Donnelly is a student of the TOPS program at Marc Garneau. Born and raised in Scarborough, he is used to ethnic diversity both at school and in his neighborhood and occasionally forgets he is actually white. This secretary of both chess and debate clubs at Garneau loves a good competition provided it is not physically demanding in any way. One thing that separates him from his peers is his love of psychedelic, hard and progressive rock music from the 60s and 70s. He is currently contemplating a career as a lawyer simply because he loves arguing with people.

Thomas Donnelly

TianYi Ma is a friendly, future-oriented grade ten student. At school, she is found on the edge of her seat, scrawling chicken-scratch notes which she later rerewrites, studies, and folds into origami figures. After school, she can be found mulling over textbooks at a local library, playing Tetris on her TI-Nspire, or fighting over cookies with her younger sister, Tina. If not the internet, TianYi’s home is by her cello case. She dedicates double-digit hours each week to study the cello, her first (and only) love. From her scientific reports on Alzheimer’s Disease to her six-word-stories, the splendor of language never ceases to capture TianYi’s curiosity.

TianYi Ma

Marileina Pearson is really bad at writing about herself. If you ask her about herself, she would most likely say very little. However, her actions represent her better than anything that could ever come out of her mouth. She enjoys reading under her fairy lights in her room, and playing music there too. She can most likely be found sitting at her computer whilst blogging or writing under her glow-in-the-dark stars. If she could be in two places at once, she would be eating sushi in Osaka, and playing the banjo on a warm summer evening on a porch somewhere in Tennessee.

Marileina Pearson

David Li lives in with his 15 demonic servants and a snow leopard. He is most likely a writer for The Reckoner. But he might also be a tri-athlete, a scientist, a one man orchestra, a mobster, and a communist spy. He’s not really sure of anything since he noticed the voices. Mean voices that tell him there is pie for him at school when there really isn’t. And remember, if he tries to give you candy, it’s most likely asbestos flavoured.

David Li

Joshua Tham is a writer and web apprentice for The Reckoner. He is a student at Marc Garneau, and loves math, science, and history. He loves to write, but with constraints. While he loves journalism, creative writing is not his forte. He’s unpredictable, but not in the conventional sense. Usually, he is a reserved and polite individual. Occasionally he is spontaneous and would talk about random ideas that would form in his mind. He also claims to be part Scottish and Portuguese from ancestry. Judging by his appearance, it’s not surprising most people don’t believe him.

Joshua Tham

MJ Chen is uncertain of how he should express himself in this bio. If he does this one way, he could be taken as a lunatic, and if he does this the other way he could be taken as a dullard. In this way, MJ Chen is very like an electron: he behaves as both wave and particle, as it were. Suffice to say, by this time any and all conclusions about MJ Chen have been drawn. MJ Chen likes to play piano, read novels, and listen to opera. He is currently looking for the perfect nucleus.

MJ Chen

Sabrina Bertsch is atypical. She collects snow globes, adores YA books, and knows the most obscure bits of trivia ever. She’s passionate (read: stubborn), argumentative, and very, very direct. Her dreams include to get on (and hopefully win) Jeopardy!, and simply getting more sleep. But she would settle for travelling the world. In addition to completely loving graphic t-shirts she’s a total TV junkie watching anything from crime dramas to Phineas & Ferb. Her top three punctuation marks are the ampersand, asterisk, and interrobang.

Sabrina Bertsch

Claire Hamilton hates writing biographies. If we tell you that Claire Hamilton is five feet and seven inches, has one brown eye and one hazel one, and used to have bond ringlets you won’t know her. Even if we tell you that she loves diving, books, her cottage, school, more books, math, and everything book related, you might get a sense of who she is but nothing more. It’s the random little things that make up a person. The fact that her favourite time of the day is 2am, that she owns every Florence + the Machine song available, that she likes sandwiches with chips in them, and a million more things that couldn’t be counted. She doesn’t like writing biographies.

Claire Hamilton

Quincy Lam is a member of the development team. Quincy spends most of his spare time programming, reading, and playing video games. As side-hobbies, Quincy plays the alto saxophone and does karate. Quincy can often be found alone staring vacantly at nothing in particular, but actually he is thinking about his digestion. Somewhere in the stretches of Unix time, Quincy practised web design. Quincy prefers to plan on paper, and this is reflected in Quincy’s agendas which are viciously filled with doodles.

Quincy Lam

Peter Wen was a meticulous NASA rocket scientist in his last lifetime. This time around, the creator saw it only fair to compensate and make him less impeccable. He enjoys purchasing worthless placebo bracelets, crashing model airplanes, and riding his rhetorical triathlon bike. He is prone to missing the punch line of a joke, mispronouncing words with R, forgetting his locker combination, and falling on his face from a body flip. He used to be a magic hobbyist but quit because he always messed up the performance by forgetting to do the sleight. As he becomes more capable, he hopes never to be responsible for a cataclysmic global catastrophe.

Peter Wen

Sophia Glisch is a twelfth-grade student who loves all forms of science, language, art, and human expression. She particularly enjoys biology, particle physics, and English literature. Though introverted by nature and primarily interested in quietly working with microscopes, scalpels, and good reads, Sophia also loves to share her interests and thoughts through writing. She has edited and translated for a varied clientele for approximately five years, and is currently hoping to pursue her own written work to a greater extent. Sophia hopes that her involvement in The Reckoner will help her enrich not only herself, but perhaps also others.

Sophia Glisch

Shirley Miao is a contributing writer to The Reckoner and a student at TOPS. She has been featured in the Toronto Public Library’s magazine and on the Shad Valley Blog. Her first literary piece was a self-illustrated picture book titled The Night before Christmas and written at the age of five. It was never published and the manuscript was eventually abandoned. In her spare time, Shirley enjoys reading children’s books and running around.

Shirley Miao

Vanessa Du was born already trying to fly on her wings. She promptly realized that she did not have any and fell to the ground. Since then she’s been slowly making her way to standing upright. Besides trying to get up off the ground, she spends her time in ridiculously tiring dance poses and finishing the mass amounts of homework that she always leaves until the last minute. You can see that she’s always on top of things. Her interests include attempting to make delectable, edible dishes, spending way too much precious time on doing nothing and writing pieces for The Reckoner, which you might have already guessed.

Vanessa Du

Susie Liu is a sleepy Grade 9 TOPS student with a love-hate relationship with writing, a love for pretty things, and an aptitude for drawing. The word ‘ephemera’ makes her smile and the word ‘moist’ makes her cringe. She dreams many serene dreams starring food and beautiful things to photograph, though her sleeping mind also plays host to many nightmares about anything from shrill-laughtered children to enormous, apocalyptic gelatinous blobs. Her greatest goal in life is to become a Pokémon Master. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Susie Liu

Mara Gagiu is probably looking through your window right now. She’s an energetic little thing, who loves making new friends, and is a distant relative of Inspector Clouseau. If you see a short, brown-haired girl stumbling across the hallways trying to find her way to class, you’ve just met her. When she’s not curled up in the basement doing digital drawings and animations, she travels around the world as a secret agent, trying to discover the secrets of success, and learn from the variety of different cultures that she encounters. Mara is also a HUGE Coldplay fan, passionate for Belgium waffles, is Sheldon Cooper’s twin, and loves shuffling in the hallways like it’s nobody’s business.

Mara Gagiu

If there’s one thing that can be said about her, it is that she’s consistent. Consistently the shortest on the court or field. Consistently checking under her bed for monsters (you know, the bad marks variety. Yikes). She’s frequently subjecting her neighbours to guitar twanging and high pitched wailing. If you’re looking to have a chat with her, you’ll probably find her reading a piece of fine literature (alright, alright. It’s Harry Potter) or head bobbing to mind numbing tunes. If she’s taking way too long to reply to texts, she’s probably on one of her SNASA missions to the Smoon.

Magdalene Au

Henry He was born a shy, reclusive 2nd-generation Chinese boy. Not finding the small town of Edison, New Jersey boss enough, he was moved to TO when he was two. Looking back, Henry describes himself as a hapless yellow turtle stuck upside-down in his own shell, refusing to come out. Over the years however, with many poking and nudging from helpful parents, teachers, schools, friends, and select media, Henry started to crawl out, and when he did, he realized what a vast world he lived in and how he was missing out on so much. He is only at the edge of the endless opportunities awaiting him, but is going, and he hopes will be going, on the right path.

Henry He