Chris Cornell, Soundgarden’s lead singer, dies at age 52.

Chris Cornell performs at a show earlier this year. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

On 17 May 2017, Chris Cornell, a famous singer, took his own life in his hotel room. He had just finished a show hours earlier and his death shocked family and friends. Cornell was a renowned artist and succeeded in multiple projects such as Audioslave and wrote the theme song for Casino Royale, a James Bond movie. He battled drug addictions from a young age and after turning to music, he became a part of Seattle’s flourishing music scene with Soundgarden. Over his career, Cornell sold nearly fifteen million albums and over eight million digital songs in the United States.

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Study ranks Instagram lowest for youth mental health.

This photo shows a user on Instagram. (Image courtesy of Associated Press)

The Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement published a study that ranks Instagram as the most detrimental social platform for young adults’ mental health. In a recent study, researchers interviewed over fourteen hundred people between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. The participants ranked Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube, in different categories of well-being. Instagram did the worst with low scores in seven categories, such as loneliness and anxiety. The results caused researchers to demand for action to protect young adults. Suggestions include more education and regulation about social media for the age group.

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Anti-smog bikes could clean China’s air.

This image shows how the device would purify the polluted air. (Image courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde)

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has recently come up with a new theory that could effectively get rid of smog. His anti-smog bike takes in polluted air and purifies it, releasing clean air. The idea is based off his previous innovation, an air purifier tower which is already in use in Tianjin. Roosegaarde was inspired after he looked out of his apartment window in Beijing. The tower uses positive ionization to remove the particulate matter from the air and the same method is being applied to the under-development bikes. In 2015, three hundred Chinese cities failed air-quality tests and the designer hopes he can solve the problem with his bikes.

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Iran holds presidential election, Hassan Rouhani wins.

Rouhani casts his vote at the polls. (Image courtesy of CNN)

More than forty million Iranians flocked to the polls to vote for the country’s president, deciding between Hassan Rouhani and his conservative rival, Ebrahim Raisi. With a significantly higher voter turnout than previous elections, Rouhani won the presidency. Rouhani was the candidate with more international relations experience and he supposedly gave citizens a “hope for change.” Meanwhile, Raisi was more focused on building Iran’s economy internally rather than engaging in foreign investment.

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GM will stop selling cars in India.

GM manufacturing plants will be staying in India. (Image courtesy of BBC)

Around two years ago, GM announced that they would be spending one billion to expand their business in India, but have since retreated from selling vehicles there. After a comprehensive review of the economic situation, they have decided to discontinue selling cars in both India and South Africa. However, they still plan to manufacture cars in India and export them to countries across the world, primarily South and Central America.

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