E.U. lawmakers call for reinstating visa requirements for American travellers.

The U.S. will prevent citizens from the five mentioned EU countries from entering America without a visa. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

In a vote held 2 March, European lawmakers passed a non-binding resolution demanding restrictions on American travellers entering the European Union. The decision is meant to pressure the U.S. to lift its travel requirements for citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania. European officials have mixed feelings about making travel to Europe more difficult for Americans, as it would be costly and may not even help the citizens affected by the ruling. This move is an important political signal, and also increases pressure on the European Commission to address the new administration in Washington. The European Parliament has given the Commission two months to implement the visa requirement for travellers from the U.S. 

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Uber used secret software to evade government regulations.

Uber allows users to hail drivers with a smartphone app. (Image courtesy of Flickr)

Following the resignation of a top executive and allegations of workplace discrimination, it was discovered that Uber has been using a program called Greyball to evade law enforcement. The software used geolocation data, social media accounts, and credit card information to identify people who potentially worked for city agencies and refrained from picking them up. The program helped drivers avoid tickets where Uber service violated regulations. Uber claims that the program protects drivers from harm and denies ride requests from fraudulent users who are violating their Terms of Service.

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Floods in Zimbabwe cause severe damage to citizens.

One of the many floods in Zimbabwe. (Image courtesy of BBC)

Damage from severe flooding and lightning in Zimbabwe has led to the death of almost two hundred fifty people, with another twenty hundred left homeless. Health and education institutions, homes, and bridges have been severely damaged. These floods are uncharacteristic of Zimbabwe, which has historically faced severe droughts. The conditions have had a significantly negative impact on the lives of the Zimbabweans, with external support needed to rebuild the infrastructure and property that has been destroyed. The government has been working with organizations such as the UN to help those affected by the damage.

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Talks between Russian general and NATO head aim to reduce tensions. 

Valery Gerasimov, Russia’s top general. (Image courtesy of RT)

General Valery Gerasimov, the head of the General Staff of the Russian army, spoke with the chairman of the NATO committee, aiming to decrease tensions between the two groups. The talk was the first since 2014 after NATO and Russia’s tensions rose due to Russia’s invasion of Crimea. Topics discussed included restoring cooperation between groups and their concerns about military buildups by the nation’s border.

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International Women’s Day march in London. 

A major women’s march to protest the presidency of Donald Trump (Image courtesy of Fortune).

As an preparatory event for International Women’s Day this upcoming Wednesday, citizens of the UK participated in London’s International Women’s Day March on Sunday.  Women are also being asked to take a day off work, only buy local items, and wear red on Wednesday to show the value of women in the work force. The International Women’s Day March is an event that has been held every year since 2000. Participants march in London, as well as other major cities, to show their support for gender equality and equal pay. International Women’s Day was created in 1908 when thousands of women marched for the right to vote.

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