Tesco is the second major retailer to announce a major food waste initiative after Morrisons. (Image courtesy of Alamy)

Tesco Supermarket to donate all unsold food to charity.

Tesco has agreed to a deal to work with 5 000 local charities across the UK to achieve its goal to eradicate all its food waste by the end of 2017. They will be giving all unsold food to charity. In 2015, studies showed that 55 400 tonnes of food were thrown away and wasted at its stores. Tesco’s plan is part of a nationwide program called the Community Food Connection, which has provided more than 22 tonnes of food for vulnerable people, over a six month period. The supermarket has partnered with FareShare to launch a digital open platform to allow charities to distribute surplus food. They also encouraged other retailers to adopt the platform as well.

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Barack Obama warns against campaign anger after clashes between protesters and supporters. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Obama warns US election contenders to avoid raising tensions.

After clashes between supporters and protesters of Donald Trump, US President Barack Obama warned White House contenders against campaign anger. He said that candidates should not resort to “insults” and “certainly not violence against other Americans”. At a Democratic Party fundraiser in Dallas, Obama said, “What the folks who are running for office should be focused on is how we can make it even better – not insults and schoolyard taunts and manufacturing facts, not divisiveness along the lines of race and faith.” Mr Trump has taken a strong anti-immigrant stance by promising to build a “great wall” at the borders of Mexico. However, speaking to Fox News, he denied fostering division. His rivals, Rubio and Cruz, have called the incident “sad”.

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Video shows boat of migrants being hit by Turkish coastguards with sticks. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Turkish guards using sticks against migrant boat.

The BBC have provided a video of Turkish coastguards hitting a boat full of migrants. The migrants were said to be on their way to the Greek island of Lesbos. The migrants accused the guards of attacking them, but the guards denied it and said they were just trying to stop the boat without harming anybody. Many people are entering Europe illegally by boat, mainly from Turkey to Greece. The majority of coastguard patrols act professional, but there have been reports of attacks. The 30-second clip showed people wearing life jackets on a rubber dinghy being hit by poles. The boat eventually made it to Lesbos. Most of the migrants are Syrian, fleeing the civil war. EU leaders were discussing the possibility of returning the migrants to Turkey, but resettling a Syrian in Turkey to the EU for each migrant sent back.

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Six skiers were killed by an avalanche in the Italian Alps.

A member of the mountain rescue team stands at the end of the operations after an avalanche close to Riva di Tures, on March 12, 2016. Six climbers were killed in an Alpine avalanche on March 12 that struck a group of a dozen people in the area of Monte Nevoso, close to Italy's border with Austria, rescuers said. 6 people died, five Italians from Val Pustair and one Austrian from North Tyrol. / AFP / PIERRE TEYSSOT (Photo credit should read PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)

A member of the mountain rescue team stands at the end of the operations after an avalanche close to Riva di Tures.

The avalanche struck on Saturday, 12 March, with snow cascading down the mountain. The avalanche was near Monte Nevoso’s peak. Helicopters shuttled both the dead bodies and the survivors back to safety. Search-and-rescue workers also used dogs and poles to search for more potential victims. The rescue mission was made complicated due to the high altitude – the helicopters had to reach a height of 3000 m. On that day, the avalanche risk was a mere 2 out of 5, and conditions were sunny and windy. It is unclear what caused the avalanche.

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Artificial intelligence beats a grandmaster of Go three consecutive times.


Google created AlphaGo, a program that can proficiently play Go, a complicated Chinese board game. AlphaGo played against Lee Sedol, a South Korean world class Go player. AlphaGo won the first 3 matches out of five, securing a solid win. Though he lost the series, Lee will play AlphaGo two more times. Go professionals deemed AlphaGo’s decision unorthodox and questionable, but said that they made sense in hindsight. Lee felt tremendous pressure competing, and apologized to his fans for a “powerless display” against AlphaGo.

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